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A Sampling of Clips for April 7-8, 2011


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The Surge in Data Processing
The New York Times, April 7 -- Computer users often feel awash in data. It turns out, so does the whole world. A new UC San Diego study finds there has been an explosion in the amount of data being processed by computer servers used by companies, organizations and governments. In computer speak, these powerful computers processed 9.57 zettabytes of information in 2008. In plainer terms, that is the equivalent of stacking a Stephen King book to Neptune 20 times. More

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Brain Scans May Predict Alzheimer's in Some
MSNBC, April 6 -- Brain scans may help identify which individuals with a mild decline in their mental abilities will go on to develop Alzheimer's disease, according to a new study led by Linda McEvoy, assistant professor of radiology at the UC San Diego School of Medicine. The research focused on patients with mild cognitive impairment, a condition in which people experience noticeable declines in their cognitive function, including memory and language problems. These changes are not severe enough to interfere with everyday activities, according to the Alzheimer's Association. More

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Rising Oil Prices Beginning to Hurt US Economy
NPR, April 6 – Just when companies have finally stepped up hiring, rising oil prices are threatening to halt the U.S. economy's gains. (Quotes UC San Diego economist James Hamilton) More

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Touched by Tragedy at Tiananmen Square
San Diego Union-Tribune, April 8 -- Composer Lei Liang has never forgotten the soldiers’ eyes, the blood on the street, his anguished friends. After literally wrestling with soldiers who were trying to enter Tienanmen Square, Liang went home the evening of June 3, 1989, exhausted, only a few hours before the shooting started in one of the pivotal events in modern Chinese history. To keep him from going back, his parents locked him in his room. But he returned in the morning and saw the residue of the violence. He has been teaching composition at UC San Diego since 2007. More

Former Mexican President Urges Drug Legalization
San Diego Union-Tribune, April 6 -- Legalization of drugs in Mexico would not only lead to lowered violence and drug consumption but also boost its economy, former Mexican President Vicente Fox said Wednesday during a speech to a convention of newspaper editors from the United States and Latin America. (Quotes Jeffrey Davidow, who served as U.S. ambassador to Mexico during the early years of Fox’s administration and is now president of the Institute of the Americas at UC San Diego) More

UCSD Researchers Could Weather Government Shutdown
San Diego Union-Tribune, April 8 -- Sandra A. Brown, vice-chancellor of research at UC San Diego, said in an April 1 memo to faculty and staff that the university could experience differing impacts, when it comes to federally-funded research, if Congress does not approve a new budget. More

UCSD, Cal Western Talks for Law School Suspended
San Diego Union-Tribune, April 6 -- UC San Diego and California Western School of Law have suspended merger talks that began 15 months ago and were aimed at creating a law school at UCSD, officials announced Wednesday. Leaders from both schools issued a written statement citing the state’s fiscal crisis as the reason for agreeing “to a pause in discussions.” More

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The Brain Tells Tales to Ramachandran
KPBS, April 7 -- In his new book, neuroscientist V.S. Ramachandran takes us on a tour of some seemingly inexplicable behaviors of the brain. For instance, how can a totally blind person locate a spot of light on a wall? It is in finding answers to these questions that Dr. Ramachandran opens up new ways of understanding consciousness. He is a professor in the psychology and neurosciences department at UC San Diego. More

Palomar College Students Catch Political Economy Lectures
North County Times, April 7 -- Palomar College students got a taste of real-world issues at a series of political economy lectures the college held this week. Speakers included Myles Kahler, a political science professor at UC San Diego, who talked about whether Asia's rising economies would lead to "reform or revolution" of global governmental structures. More

 ‘Is There a Doctor in the House?’
There will be Four at the Jeste Family Residence in La Jolla!

La Jolla Light, April 7 -- As UC San Diego medical student Neelum Jeste’s hands tore through the envelope that would fling her across the country for the next three years, her mother was by her side. Dr. Sonali Jeste is a child psychiatrist at Kaiser Permanente Medical Care. Neelum’s father, Dr. Dilip Jeste, a UCSD research psychiatrist, was announced as the president-elect of the American Psychiatric Association on March 14, just days before Match Day. The Jeste’s older daughter, Shafali, an M.D., is on faculty at UCLA as a child neurologist. The family has lived in La Jolla for 25 years. More

Holocaust Survivors are 'Living History'
Patch.com, April 7 -- A combination of students, professors and interested members of the public gathered to witness a piece of living history at UC San Diego’s Geisel Library Wednesday evening. More

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