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A Sampling of Clips for April 25, 2011


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Dear Humans: We Want Your Brains
CBS News, April 22 -- Can't feel fear? Can't form memories? Can't smell? These are traits of the people the UC San Diego Brain Observatory already has on its rosters (they have 20 brains and 7 still-living donors), but director Jacopo Annese is looking to recruit 1,000 more prospective donors this year. More

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Maybe Just Drunk Enough to Remember
The New York Times, April 23 -- Drunken recollections, especially in rape trials, rarely play well to jurors. In a society that can be quick to turn a skeptical eye toward women who say they were raped — she was scantily dressed, she’s promiscuous, she’s just angry at him — prosecutors of sex crimes say one of their biggest obstacles in the courtroom is alcohol. (Quotes Reagan Wetherill, a postdoctoral fellow at UC San Diego’s School of Medicine) More

Our Social Networks, Ourselves
The Wall Street Journal, April 23 -- In recent decades, scientists studying the human brain have steadily eroded traditional notions of free will and autonomy. It turns out that our choices are often circumscribed by mental circuits beyond our control and outside of conscious awareness. But now, thanks to new forms of data, such as cellphone information, and powerful analytical tools, scientists can see the forces that shape our lives from the outside.  (Mentions research by Nicholas Christakis of Harvard and James Fowler of UC San Diego) More

As Science Turns From Chimp Research, US Wants to Restart It
Kansas City Star, April 24 -- About 180 chimpanzees are at the center of an impassioned debate between the National Institutes of Health and the animal rights community.  (Quotes UC San Diego researcher Ajit Varki) More

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Where Morality Lives
Boston Globe, April 24 -- What is morality? For millennia, the problem has bedeviled philosophers, who have debated whether it’s divinely inspired, instinctual, or an abstract set of rules that we should figure out rationally. Patricia Churchland, a philosopher at UC San Diego thinks it’s time for a different kind of answer: Understanding morality, she argues, means understanding its roots in the brain. More

Time Names UCSD Scientist Among World's Most Influential People
San Diego Union-Tribune, April 22 -- You don't have to be famous to be impressive. V.S. Ramachandran learned as much this week when Time magazine named the UC San Diego neuroscientist one of the 100 most influential people in the world. Ramachandran's name appears on the same list as President Barack Obama, French President Nicolas Sarkozy, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, and actress Natalie Portman. More

Three San Diego Schools Among Best Colleges for Surfers
KPBS, April 22— Point Loma Nazarene University, San Diego State University and UC San Diego were named three of the best colleges for surfers this week in Surfer Magazine. More

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Zen and the Art of Grunion Running
San Diego Union-Tribune, April 23 -- Every spring, squirming masses of small silvery fish known as grunion surf their way onto the sands of Southern California and northern Baja beaches, and every spring, many humans wonder why. At the Birch Aquarium’s guided grunion runs, naturalists from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography will tell you why these fish do what they do. And if you’re lucky, you will get to see the grunion run in all their manic glory. More

Outdoor Outreach's Magical Formula Produces a Superstar
San Diego Union-Tribune, April 22 -- Idris Ahmed didn’t realize it at the time, but a mountain hike he took four years ago with Outdoor Outreach when he was a freshman at Crawford High changed his life’s path. (Qutes Cody Marshall, a graduate of Lincoln High, who is a junior at UC San Diego) More

State Orders Fixes at 2 UCSD Emergency Rooms
San Diego Union-Tribune, April 22 -- State investigators have called for changes in the emergency departments at UC San Diego’s two hospitals. More

Will San Diego Help Stop Global Warming?
KPBS, April 22 -- Reducing greenhouse gas emissions in San Diego means getting people out of their cars, and that’s already happening in modest ways. (Mentions research at Scripps Institution of Oceanography) More

Kyoto Scholarship Gala Shines a Spotlight on Human Achievements
La Jolla Light, April 23 -- The Benefit Gala for the tenth Kyoto Prize Symposium was held in San Diego on April 4, 2011, from 5:30 to 9 p.m., at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront hotel. This black-tie gala will celebrate the 26th annual Kyoto Prize laureates and fund the 2011-2012 Kyoto Prize Scholarships. (Mentions UC San Diego, one of the prize’s hosts) More


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