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A Sampling of Clips for Dec. 13, 2010

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The Oceans' SOS
Los Angeles Times, Opinion, Dec. 13 -- The ocean is our global heat reservoir and one of two major carbon dioxide sinks. If you agree that humans are trapping heat and carbon dioxide in the planet's atmosphere — and 53 years of rigorous observations at Scripps and other research institutions show that we are — then the ocean must be at the very center of the climate discussion. But it rarely is. (Written by Tony Haymet and Andrew Dickson, professors at Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego) More

Miami-Dade Mayor the Latest to Face Recall Vote
CNBC, Dec. 10 -- A billionaire fed up with tax hikes and a growing county payroll is trying to make Miami-Dade County's top elected official the first mayor of a major American city or county to be recalled from office in decades. (Quotes Steven Erie, director of UC San Diego's Urban Studies Program) More

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Climate Deal Does Little But Prep for Future Talks
USA Today, Dec. 13 -- Global climate negotiators put the best face on the modest agreements they reached at the just-concluded talks in Cancun, Mexico, to tackle the problem of worldwide carbon emissions. (Quotes international relations expert David Victor of UC San Diego) More

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Religion's Secret to Happiness: It's Friends, Not Faith
TIME Magazine, Dec. 12 -- According to a study led by Chaeyoon Lim, a sociology professor at University of Wisconsin-Madison, the reason religion makes us happy may have more to do with friends than with faith. (Mentions research by UC San Diego’s James Fowler) More

Uncomfortable Consequences of QEII
The Wall Street Journal, Dec. 13 -- Everyone knows about the risk of unintended consequences. What about unintended intended consequences? That might need a bit of explanation. (Quotes James Hamilton, an energy economist at UC San Diego) More

Bizarre World of the Hacktivists
Express, U.K., Dec. 10 -- Derided as lonely geeks, a group of cyber terrorists who admire controversial WikiLeaks chief Julian Assange want to control and even destroy the Internet. (Mentions Ricardo Dominguez, who is on the UC San Diego faculty) More

Couple's Search for Hope Leads to Controversial Treatment in China
Fort Worth Star Telegram, Dec. 12 -- The Williamses want to take their son, Cash to a hospital in Qingdao, on China's eastern coast, for stem cell treatments that they are told will improve his vision. Although their journey is still months -- and at least $50,000 -- away, the family hopes to join the thousands of foreign patients who travel to the Far East seeking a cure for seemingly incurable conditions. (Quotes Larry Goldstein, director of the UC San Diego stem cell program) More

Taxes: How San Diego Measures Up
San Diego Union-Tribune, Dec. 12 – San Diego charges significantly less than others for business taxes, hotel surcharges and stormwater fees. San Diego also doesn’t collect any money for trash collection, commercial parking fees, public parking near beaches or user fees on utility bills — major sources of revenue for many cities. (Quotes UC San Diego political scientist Steve Erie) More

Former U.S. Ambassador to Mexico
Talks About Crime, Immigration and NAFTA

San Diego Union-Tribune, Dec. 11 – Jeffrey Davidow, president of the Institute of the Americas at UC San Diego, will retire in May. Davidow served as U.S. ambassador to Mexico from 1998 to 2002 and has written “The Bear and the Porcupine,” a book about U.S.-Mexico relations. More

Music Never Stops for Jason Robinson
San Diego Union-Tribune, Dec. 11 – Jason Robinson readily admits he is a workaholic, asking with a wry chuckle: “Is there anything other than work?” But this perpetually active San Diego musician stresses that he is a workaholic with a difference. Robinson is a UC San Diego alumnus. More

Doctor, Hospital Donate Surgery in Time for Christmas
North County Times, Dec. 11 -- Project Access San Diego, which has worked with local doctors, hospitals and medical groups to operate on needy patients since 2008. Dr. Julie Berry, a graduate of UC San Diego School of Medicine who has an office in Vista, said donating her skills is simply part of her responsibility as a physician. More

Oboist Karisa Werdon on Performing Rand Steiger's Music
San Diego Union-Tribune, Dec. 10 – Oboist Karisa Werdon is featured on Rand Steiger’s new album, “Ecosphere” performing his work, “Nested Etudes for Oboe.” Steiger is on the UC San Diego faculty. More

UCSD Marks 50th Anniversary With Architectural Tours
North County Times, Dec. 12 -- To celebrate its 50th anniversary, UC San Diego has kicked off a series of campus architectural tours. The three-hour tours, which include a continental breakfast, will visit some of the most distinctive architectural sites on the 1,200-acre campus. More

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