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A Sampling of Clips for May 4 - 5, 2011

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Researchers Develop Blood Test to Detect Alzheimer’s
The Globe and Mail, Canada, May 4 -- Canadian and U.S. researchers, including UC San Diego scientists, say they have developed a relatively simple blood test that can detect Alzheimer’s disease well before patients show advanced signs of the mind-destroying disorder. More

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Bin Laden, Fugitive and Failure
San Diego Union-Tribune, Opinion, May 5 -- There were many losers from 9/11. Osama bin Laden is among them. Bin Laden died a fugitive and a failure on his own terms: he did not replace the regimes he so despised. (Written by Eli Berman, a professor of economics at UC San Diego and research director for international security studies at the University of California Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation. He is author of “Radical, Religious, and Violent: The New Economics of Terrorism.”) More

Counterterrorism: the Task Remaining
San Diego Union-Tribune, Opinion, May 5 -- Osama bin Laden’s death is a big step forward in the global war on terror. It is right that Americans celebrate this accomplishment. Justice has been done. (Written by David A. Lake, the Jerri-Ann and Gary E. Jacobs Professor of Social Sciences and Distinguished Professor of Political Science at UC San Diego) More

Meet the Visionaries:
Ford Announces $100,000 Award for 'Courageous Leaders'

The Huffington Post, May 4 -- For the last 20 years, Guatemalan architect Teddy Cruz has focused on the physical and cultural barriers that divide urban areas, especially those targeting poor and immigrant communities on the U.S.-Mexico border. A pioneer in urban design, Cruz says that one of his goals is to produce new economic models of development that are more inclusive and humane. He is one of 12 winners of the Ford Foundation’s $100,000 Visionaries Awards. Cruz is on the UC San Diego visual arts faculty. More

No Carter Echo for Obama as Gasoline Cost May Ease for Campaign
Bloomberg, May 3 -- Soaring gasoline prices have eroded President Barack Obama’s job-approval ratings and exposed him to political attacks even as futures markets, the chairman of the Federal Reserve and some analysts say prices may soon peak. (Quotes UC San Diego political scientist James Hamilton) More

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$4 Gas: Get Used to It
NPR, May 5 -- In China, there's one car or truck for every 14 people. In the U.S., the ratio is nearly one to one. But China's catching up. The country is now the world's biggest car market, and the number of civilian vehicles in the country grew by an astonishing 19 percent last year. (Quotes UC San Diego economist James Hamilton) More

Three UCSD Scholars Elected to NAS
San Diego Union-Tribune, May 3 -- Three UC San Diego researchers whose work ranges from mapping the sea floor to developing new drugs to figuring out how organisms behave have been elected to the National Academy of Sciences, the elite honorific society created during the Lincoln administration. More

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UC San Diego Researchers
Say Sea Level Rise Making West Coast Comeback

KPBS, May 3 -- Scripps Institution of Oceanography scientists said the sea level in the Eastern Pacific may rise due to a shift in climate. Researchers said sea levels along the coast of North America has been steady the past few decades, but now their study shows shifting wind patterns could cause coastal sea-level rise to accelerate. More

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State Funds a Stem Cell Clinical Trial for the First Time
San Diego Union-Tribune, May 4 -- The California Institute for Regenerative Medicine made history Wednesday by awarding taxpayer funding for the first time to study an experimental stem cell treatment on humans. The $25 million grant went to Geron Corp. of Menlo Park, which last October began injecting immature versions of special neural cells derived from embryonic stem cells into patients paralyzed by spinal cord injuries. The stem cell institute’s governing board also awarded $37.7 million Wednesday in basic research grants to UC San Diego, The Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla and seven other research centers in other parts of California. More

Brain Waves Create Internal Map of Our Surroundings
PsychCentral, May 2 -- Electrical oscillations (rhythmic wave activity) in the brain may play an important role in our ability to navigate through the physical world and store memories based on this experience, according to a study at UC San Diego. More

Film Explores Life of Nick Aguilar
San Diego Union-Tribune, May 4 -- Vietnam veterans have many stories — tales about love of country and camaraderie as well as harrowing experiences from the conflict itself. And then there’s life after the war. Tonight, a documentary called “A Direction Home: Nick Aguilar” takes a look at the experiences of one of San Diego’s own. Aguilar was a long-time administrator at UC San Diego. More

Death Cab for Cutie Tour to Stop at UCSD
San Diego Union-Tribune, May 4 -- Death Cab for Cutie, the best-known American rock group to take its name from an Elvis Presley-inspired Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band song featured in The Beatles' 1967 TV movie "Magical Mystery Tour," will perform Aug. 16 at UC San Diego's RIMAC Arena. More

Bin Laden’s Hard Drives Could Yield Intelligence Trove
KPBS, May 4 -- It took U.S. spies years to find Osama bin Laden. This week's daring raid and assassination of the Al Qaeda leader may yield years worth of intelligence treasures neatly assembled on hard drives. (Quotes UC San Diego professor Eli Berman) More

Tritons Closing In on Conference Baseball Title
Patch.com, May 3 -- The UC San Diego baseball team cushioned its lead in the league and completed a four-game series sweep of Chico State with a tight 11-10 victory Sunday at Nettleton Stadium for its 13th straight victory. More

Mike Lumpkin Named to Special Ops Post in Pentagon; Ran for Congress
Patch.com, May 4 -- Michael Lumpkin, the former Navy SEAL commander who made an East County bid for Congress in 2008, has been named to one of the top civilian posts in the Pentagon. He is a UC San Diego alumnus. More

UCSD Hosting Clean Tech Conference This Week
The San Diego Daily Transcript, May 3 -- The California Clean Innovation Conference will return for a fifth year as a number of panels and speakers will gather at UC San Diego this Thursday. More

Torrey Pines Elementary-UCSD Students Join Hands for Japan
La Jolla Light, May 5 – Torrey Pines Elementary School students in the Wednesday UC San Diego Afterschool Program recently made origami cranes to raise money for the victims of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami. More

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