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A Sampling of Clips for May 17, 2010

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Hurricane Season Nears as Oil Leak Grows
, May 16 -- BP's oil spill could make for one of the highest-stakes U.S. Gulf hurricane seasons on record. Storms could scuttle cleanup efforts, force containment vessels to retreat, or propel spilled crude and tar balls over vast expanses of sea and beach. (Quotes Peter Niiler, an oceanographer at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography) More

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Car Hackers Can Kill Brakes, Engine, and More
, May 14 -- University researchers, including a team at UC San Diego, have taken a close look at the computer systems used to run today's cars and discovered new ways to hack into them, sometimes with frightening results. More

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Why Americans Think (Wrongly) That Illegal Immigrants Hurt the Economy
Newsweek, May 15 -- At the heart of the debate over illegal immigration lies one key question: are immigrants good or bad for the economy? The American public overwhelmingly thinks they're bad. Yet the consensus among most economists is that immigration, both legal and illegal, provides a small net boost to the economy.  (Quotes Gordon Hanson, an economist at UC San Diego) More

U.N. Climate Panel Under Review: No Stranger to Controversy
, U.K., May 14 -- The U.N. panel of climate scientists came under the microscope on Friday by  experts named by the United Nations to figure out how to restore faith in its work after errors including an exaggeration of the thaw of the Himalayas.  (Mentions “Merchants of Doubt,” a book co-authored by UC San Diego science historian Naomi Oreskes) More

Silicon 'Nose' Turns Cell Phones Into Toxin Detectors
, May 14 -- The developers of a tiny silicon chip that can be embedded in cell phones say it could detect and then map the location and extent of gas leaks and toxins in the air. "Cell phones are everywhere people are," says Michael Sailor, professor of chemistry and biochemistry at UC San Diego, who heads the research effort. "This technology could map a chemical accident as it unfolds." More

High Oxygen Levels Help Preterm Survival
, May 17  -- National Institutes of Health-supported studies suggest higher oxygen levels help improve preterm survival and provide information about how to deliver it. In one study, led by Dr, Neil Finer of UC San Diego, investigators determined treatment typically used for adults who suffer sleep apnea is also as effective as the traditional ventilator and surfactant therapy used to treat breathing difficulties in preterm infants -- and might result in fewer complications.

Mexican President Felipe Calderón to Visit at a Tense Time
Arizona Republic
, May  17  - Mexican President Felipe Calderón's trip to the U.S. Capitol this week comes as Congress is struggling to pass comprehensive immigration reform and the Mexican people are angry at what they see as a harsh new law targeting their countrymen in Arizona. (Quotes Alberto Diaz-Cayeros, director of the Center for U.S.-Mexican Studies at UC San Diego) More

Research Offers Contrasting Views of Marijuana
Sacramento Bee
, May 16 -- Funded by the California Legislature, the Center for Medical Cannabis Research at UC San Diego, since 2000 has been conducting America's first major clinical research on marijuana in two decades. More

UCSD Nine Win Second Title in Row
San Diego Union-Tribune
, May 16 -- No. 1-ranked UC San Diego beat Hawaii Pacific 9-4 to capture a second straight NCAA Division II West Regional baseball title, earning the Tritons a trip next week to Cary, N.C., for the NCAA Division II national championships. More

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Wrapping Your Brain Around Wisdom
San Diego Union-Tribune
, May 16 -- The next time you say, “That was a wise decision,” consider that you might be wrong — or setting yourself up for an argument. People have discussed wisdom forever. There’s no clear definition of the word, said Dr. Dilip Jeste, a professor of psychiatry and neuroscience at UC San Diego. More

Big Cuts in Revised State Budget
San Diego Union-Tribune
, May 15 -- Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Friday alarmed some San Diego County officials by proposing to wipe out California’s main welfare program and make deep cuts in other social services. (Quotes Gary Matthews, vice chancellor for resource management and planning at UC San Diego) More

Teen Graduates With Full Ride Scholarship
, Kern County, Calif., May 14 -- Omar Viramontes is no ordinary senior at Delano High School. He’s only 17 years old and about to graduate. He has just been awarded the Bill Gates full ride scholarship beating thousands of students from across the nation. Viramontes will major in mechanical engineering at UC San Diego in the fall. More

Sexual Predators: Are Tougher Laws the Answer?
, May 14 -- Some say the murders of Chelsea King and Amber Dubois could have been prevented had the state had tougher sanctions on sexual predators. But others question whether stricter laws make a difference. (Quotes  Dr. Saul Levine, a professor of clinical psychiatry at UC San Diego) More

Sun God Sets Sail
NBC San Diego
, May 14 -- A fun-filled week at the UC San Diego campus comes to a close Friday with two huge events set to bring students out for some fun.  The week is in celebration of Sun God, UC San Diego's annual festival.  Traditionally, the gathering is preceeded by four days of activites for students. This year included a slient rave, a carnival and a water slide. More

National Alliance Focuses on Turning Algal Biofuels Into Viable Industry
, May 17 -- It was just over a year ago that some of San Diego’s biggest life sciences research institutions, including UC San Diego, announced the formation of SD-CAB, the San Diego Center for Algae Biotechnology, amid some outsized calls to make San Diego the top of the mountain in biofuels development. Since then, we’ve continued to see occasional flurries of activity, including startup financings, industry partnerships, and development plans. More

‘ReEntry’ Brings Combat Vets’ Experiences to San Diego
, May 16 -- Emily Ackerman and UC San Diego alumna KJ Sanchez co-wrote a play called “ReEntry,” a term used for spacecraft orbit and return. The piece is all about Marines coming home after battle. Or, as co-writer/director Sanchez puts it, “what it’s like to go from combat to standing in line in the grocery store.” More



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