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A Sampling of Clips for June 24, 2011

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Kids Vomiting To Lose Weight, Even Before Puberty
Huffington Post, June 24 -- A recent study out of Taiwan reveals a startling statistic: From a pool of 16,000 respondents, 15 percent of 13 to 15-year-olds said they had tried vomiting to lose weight in the last year, and nearly 16 percent of 10 to 12-year-olds said they had. The behavior, researchers wrote in the Journal of Clinical Nursing, was more pronounced in children who engaged in what are generally regarded to be unhealthy behaviors. For example, more than 20 percent of those who said they'd tried vomiting at some point also admitted to eating fried food on a daily basis. And another 18 percent said they sat at a computer for more than two hours a day. (Quotes Dr. Terry Schwartz, clinical director for UC San Diego's School of Medicine.) More

Pregnant Women to Get Pertussis Vaccine
WebMD, June 23 -- To halt a spike in whooping cough cases and deaths in infants, pregnant women now are advised to get a booster shot of the pertussis vaccine in their late second or third trimester. (Quotes Dr. Mark Sawyer, professor of pediatrics at UC San Diego.) More

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Brown's Countdown, Day 166: Governor
Mends Fences With Fellow Democrats -- Again

Sacramento Bee, June 24 -- By the spring of 1981, Gov. Jerry Brown's relationship with Democratic lawmakers had become so sour that the Senate leader ordered sergeants-at-arms to remove him from the chamber. Brown left before an escort was required. Thirty years later, Brown is back at the Capitol, and hostilities with members of his own party are flaring again. (Quotes UC San Diego political science professor Thad Kousser.) More

Skills, Not Just Jobs, Are the Economic Challenge
Lincoln (Nebraska) Journal Star, June 23 -- Basking in an enviable unemployment rate, one of the lowest in the nation, Lincoln still has job market challenges as it grows out of recession: Not just the creation of jobs, but finding people with the qualifications to fill them. The Lincoln Partnership for Economic Development's survey of 77 local businesses showed the workforce to be the most-often mentioned strength of the community. At the same time, an inadequate supply of skilled workers was the most-often mentioned weakness of the community. (Quotes Mary Walshok, associate vice chancellor and dean of the Extension Division of UC San Diego, and co-author of "Closing America's Job Gap: How to Grow Companies and Land Good Jobs in the Age of Innovation.") More

Java's Ability to Run on Many Different Kinds
of Computers Grew Out of Much Older Software

IEEE Spectrum, June 23 -- The enduring appeal of Java isn't hard to understand: With Java, you write code once and it can run on almost any modern computer or operating system. Much of the relevant work took place at UC San Diego, and it influenced academic computer science, the design of the Pascal programming language, object-oriented programming, and graphical user interfaces. More

Beverage Group Disputes Alcohol Findings of UCSD Researchers
San Diego Union Tribune, June 23 -- UC San Diego researchers who recently published a paper linking modest alcohol intake to driver impairment have come under attack from the American Beverage Institute, a restaurant association. (Quotes David Phillips, co-author of the study.) More

Tom Blair Column
San Diego Union Tribune, June 23 – Name game: The co-author of  UC San Diego’s new study concluding no amount of alcohol is safe for drivers: Kimberly Brewer. More

Scripps Institution’s Burney Saluted by National Geographic
La Jolla Light, June 23 -- Jennifer Burney, a postdoctoral researcher helping understand how changes in cooking habits could have complementary effects on climate change and public health, has been named an Emerging Explorer by the National Geographic Society. Burney is a University of California President’s Postdoctoral Fellow at Scripps Institution of Oceanography and is an affiliate of Stanford University’s Program on Food Security and the Environment. More

UCSD Cancer Researcher Honored
La Jolla Light, June 23 -- John Pierce, Ph.D., a cancer research specialist and UC San Diego School of Medicine professor on Thursday received the inaugural Harold Dorn Award for Translation of Epidemiologic Evidence into Public Health Policy and Practice. Pierce’s research has been critical to the development and evaluation of tobacco control programs which have led to a major decline in lung cancer in California. More

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