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A Sampling of Clips for March 21st, 2008

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Smog's Origins Get Clearer
U.S. News & World Report
, March 20 -- Scientists say they've identified a chemical reaction that's an important contributor to smog. This chemical reaction -- which involves reactions between water vapor and nitrogen dioxide in "excited" states -- was long assumed to be unimportant. But now chemists at UCSD conclude that it's actually a major contributor to urban ozone, the main component of smog. More

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Massage Illusion Helps Amputees
BBC News
, March 21 -- Amputees can feel relief from phantom limb pain just by watching someone else rub their hands together, a study says. The treatment appears to fool the brain that it is their missing hand being massaged, UCSD researchers say. More

Postcard: Lake Mead
TIME Magazine
, March 21 -- There is no shortage of ways to see just how short of water Lake Mead is. Scientists at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in La Jolla, Calif., last month estimated that there is a 50% chance that Lake Mead could be effectively dry by 2021 if the climate changes as forecast and water use is not curtailed. More

A Look into the Future -- and Sometimes It Ain't Pretty
ABC News
, March 21 -- A new technology is allowing people a glimpse into the future, and it often isn't pretty. Accenture Technology Labs is developing a digital device called the "persuasive mirror" that can show what your bad habits will do to your face over time. Accenture's persuasive mirror is not on the market yet. Researchers at UCSD are studying the mirror's effect on people's behavior. More

Birth Control Pills, Salon Haircuts Can Raise Stroke Risk
, March 21 -- The truth is, a woman between the ages of 45 and 54 is more than twice as likely as a man to have a stroke, according to recent research from UCLA. What's more, even though the most common cause is high blood pressure, women are disproportionately affected by some surprising and far-less-well-known causes: chiropractic neck adjustments, pregnancy, oral contraceptives -- even getting a salon hair wash, or riding a roller coaster. (Quotes Dr. Thomas Hemmen, a neurologist at the UCSD Stroke Center) More

Eyes on Texas for Next UC President
San Diego Union-Tribune
-- March 21 – Calling him expensive but the “best guy in the country” for the job, a search committee has decided University of Texas Chancellor Mark G. Yudof should be the next president of the University of California system. (Quotes UCSD Chancellor Marye Anne Fox) More

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What Lies Ahead for UT in Search for New Leader?
Austin American Statesman
, March 21 -- For the more than 50 years that chancellors have ruled the University of Texas System, most have been Texas-connected and academically trained. A cadre of qualified candidates inside Texas and out fit that mold, including one who emerged as a candidate six years ago. (Quotes UCSD Chancellor Marye Anne Fox). More

Sensor Capitalizes on Contrasts in Redox Chemistry
Chemical and Engineering News
, March 17 – In an effort to sniff out peroxide-based explosives, such as those used in the 2005 bombing of the London transit system, UCSD scientists have developed a simple, inexpensive sensor that selectively detects hydrogen peroxide vapor. In addition to its application in counterterrorism, the device could be used to detect H2O2 in industrial settings, where exposure to the chemical is an important health issue. More

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