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May 7 th, 2007

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A Family Affair
, May 4 -- Autism is highly heritable, an observation underscored by the fact that, among the younger siblings of kids with autism, roughly 10 percent will also develop the disorder. But what about the other 90 percent? "They're the ones that interest us," says Karen Dobkins, professor of psychology at UCSD. More

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Laid-Back Labor
New York Times Magazine
, May 6 -- Economists have been trying for decades to measure how much leisure time people have and how they spend it, but there has been precious little consensus. This is in part because it’s hard to say what constitutes leisure and in part because measurements of leisure over the years have not been very consistent. In an attempt to address such gray areas, the economists Valerie A. Ramey, of UCSD, and Neville Francis classified certain home activities as labor and others as leisure. More

Wariness, Not Hatred, Keeps Civil Wars Raging
The Washington Post, May 7 -- Pundits and political scientists have long believed that civil wars are deadlier than wars between nations because they involve ancient historical and ethnic animosities. But Barbara Walter, a scholar at UCSD, has a different take. More

A Critical Look at the Nation's Infrastructure
, May 4 -- This week, a tanker fire on a ramp connecting two major highways destroyed a section of California's freeway interchange. Reconstruction is estimated to take weeks or months and cost millions. Guests, including Frieder Seible, Dean of the Jacobs School of Engineering at UCSD, talk about the fragile state of our nation's infrastructure, and whether it can be repaired. More

Northern Aboriginal People Urged to Boost Vitamin D Intake
CBC News
, Canada -- In light of recent research that suggests vitamin D could reduce incidences of certain cancers and multiple sclerosis, health experts are urging northerners, and aboriginal people in particular, to spend some time in the sun and take in more vitamin D in food or vitamin supplements. (Mentions research at UCSD) More

Music Made to Measure from Nature's Proteins
New Scientist
, UK, May 2007 -- Beethoven it is not. But it does sound mellow and jazzy. It is music designed to enliven the sometimes dry subject of molecular biology by translating nature’s millions of proteins into a musical form. "It's more powerful than learning about it from letters on the page," says Rie Takahashi, a classically-trained pianist and microbiologist at UCSD, who has been "musicalising" the proteins along with colleague, Jeffrey Miller. More

UCSD Doctor Participated in Hawking Flight
San Diego Union-Tribune
, May 5 -- A zero-gravity flight last week turned out to be more harrowing for a UCSD doctor than for paralyzed British astrophysicist Stephen Hawking. That's because Dr. Erik Viirre, was on the flight overseeing the health and safety of Hawking, 65, who suffers from Lou Gehrig's disease. More

Salons Seeing More Strokes in Stylists' Chairs
, Chicago, May 7 -- Doctors are finding links between visits to a hair salon and strokes, NBC reported. Beauty parlor strokes usually occur when customers sit in reclined positions with their heads and necks flexed backwards for a long period of time, according to Dr. Thomas Hemmen, of UCSD. More

Del Cerro Couple Sued in $7.7 Million Fraud
San Diego Union-Tribune
, May 4 -- In a new twist on the burgeoning stock options scandal, the former stock options manager for San Diego-based Wireless Facilities and his wife have been accused of fraudulently issuing company stock options and selling them at a profit of more than $7.7 million. (Quotes Michael Willoughby, a professor of accounting at UCSD) More

Power Trio Powers 'Identity Theft'
San Diego Union-Tribune
, May 6 -- Back in the early 1970s, Eleanor Antin, professor emerita at UCSD, began to invent fictive identities. So did her contemporaries Lynn Hershman and Suzy Lake. Their work in this vein is the subject of an exhibition, opening May 19 and continuing through Aug. 11, at the Santa Monica Museum of Art, called “Identity Theft: Eleanor Antin, Lynn Hershman and Suzy Lake, 1972-1978.” More

Mini-dorm Restraint Lauded by Sanders
San Diego Union-Tribune
, May 6 -- Mayor Jerry Sanders has billed proposed amendments to the Land Development Code as the means to make it virtually impossible to construct a mini-dorm in the future. (Mentions UCSD) More

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