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A Sampling of Clips for May 18th, 2009

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Change in Cigarettes More Dangerous to Lungs?
, May 18 -- It may be riskier on the lungs to smoke cigarettes today than it was a few decades ago — at least in the U.S., says new research that blames changes in cigarette design for fueling a certain type of lung cancer. Up to half of the nation's lung cancer cases may be due to those changes, Dr. David Burns of UCSD told a recent meeting of tobacco researchers. More

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Cloud Ice Crystals Carry Biological Matter — Research
, May 17 - Ice crystals plucked from clouds and quickly analyzed in flight show bits of biological material -- bacteria, spores and plants -- play a role in the formation of clouds, researchers at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography and UCSD said on Sunday. The finding, reported in the journal Nature Geoscience, offers the first direct evidence of airborne bacteria in clouds, they said. More

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The Race to Harness Hydrates
The New York Times
, May 18 -- Hydrates have long been a costly and dangerous nuisance to the natural gas and oil industries, crystals with an irritating tendency to build up in pipelines deep under the sea or in very cold regions, completely blocking any flow. But lately they have started to be seen in a fresh light, as a new frontier in energy exploitation. (Mentions research by Vasilii V. Petrenko, formerly a doctoral student at Scripps Institution of Oceanography) More
Schwarzenegger's Legacy at Stake in Calif. Vote
The New York Times
, May 15 -- The decisions facing California voters next week are all about the state's precarious finances, but next week's special election also is shaping up as a watershed moment for Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. (Quotes UCSD political scientist Thad Kousser) More

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Framingham Study Brings Health Behavior to Light
Los Angeles Times
, May 18 -- Sometimes researchers find nuggets of gold in the Framingham Heart Study that no one meant to put there. Social scientists Dr. Nicholas Christakis of Harvard University and James Fowler of UCSD discovered a few such nuggets when they set out to study how people transmit health behaviors such as smoking and obesity to friends and acquaintances. More

Hugs on the Menu
CBS News
, May 18 -- There's a new business on a beach in Los Angeles, and Mikey Stubbs has cornered the market -- on hugs. That's right hugs, all sorts of hugs. (Quotes UCSD psychology professor Nicholas Christenfeld) More

California's Democracy Overload
Los Angeles Times
, Opinion, May 17 -- In less than 24 hours, you're going to be hearing the righteous indignation of all sorts of California pundits and policy types. They'll no doubt be shouting about an embarrassingly low turnout in Tuesday's statewide special election and the astounding ignorance on the part of those who did vote. Though not completely without merit, their rantings also will be part and parcel of the problem they're condemning: Our political elites are burdening the public with too much democracy. (Quotes UCSD sociologist Michael Schudson) More

UCSD Earns First Trip to DII World Series
San Diego Union-Tribune
, May 18 -- UCSD is headed to the NCAA Division II College World Series for the first time. The Tritons scored eight runs in the top of the ninth yesterday afternoon to defeat Sonoma State 12-4 in Keizer, Ore., in the championship game of the Western Regionals. More

Lake Tahoe May Be Due For Huge Quake, Tsunami
, San Francisco, Calif., may 15  -- Two new studies suggest the Lake Tahoe region has gone longer than usual without a large earthquake and may be due for a magnitude-7 temblor capable of spawning a tsunami that could flood shoreline communities. The research targeting three major faults was conducted by scientists at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UCSD. More

Blog vs. Peer Review Final Report: Lessons Learned
Chronicle of Higher Education
, May 17 -- Last year Noah Wardrip-Fruin, an assistant professor of communication at UCSD, ran an experiment with his latest academic book: He let readers of a popular blog to which he contributes peer review the book in public. This week he shared his final conclusions about the strengths and weaknesses of his unusual approach. More

Future of Personalized Cancer Treatment:
New System Delivers RNA into Cells

ScienceDaily, May 18 — In technology that promises to one day allow drug delivery to be tailored to an individual patient and a particular cancer tumor, researchers at the UCSD School of Medicine, have developed an efficient system for delivering siRNA into primary cells. The work is published in the May 17 in the advance online edition of Nature Biotechnology. More

Grand Designs
San Diego Union-Tribune
, May 17 -- The San Diego chapter of American Institute of Architects handed out 14 design awards, saving the most exuberant for last – Joseph Wong's $1.2 million Jardin de Jade restaurant in Shanghai, China. Design exuberance was not the hallmark of the jury's other Honor Award winner – the $64 million, modern, concrete and glass Price Center East expansion of the student center at UCSD. More

Job Market Casts Shadow on Graduation
San Diego Union-Tribune
, May 17 -- A not-so-funny thing happened on the way to college graduation season. The job market went and played hooky. (Quotes Lauren Payne, assistant director of the UCSD career center) More

46% Spike in Gas Price Just Doesn't Make Sense
San Diego Union-Tribune
, May 17 -- In many areas of the economy, there looms the specter of deflation, with consumer prices falling over the past 12 months by their greatest percentage since 1955. But you might not notice that fall in prices next time you fill up your tank with gasoline. Instead of deflating, gasoline is inflating. The big question is why. (Quotes UCSD economist James Hamilton) More

Season Ends Too Soon for UCSD Women
San Diego Union-Tribune
, May 17 – If nothing else, rowing is all about rhythm. The UCSD women's rowing team couldn't find its rhythm yesterday and concluded its season on a warm and near windless day at the Pacific Coast Rowing Championships. The UCSD women's varsity eight and varsity four both placed third behind dominating Western Washington, which won both events at Lake Natoma by nearly 20 seconds. More

Living with Rattlesnakes
, May 17 -- Scientists tell us rattlesnakes are an important part of Southern California's eco-system. They are actually quite shy and are very happy being left alone to eat rodents and not messing with human beings. They are remarkable creatures. But what do you do if you meet one on a hiking trail or in your backyard? Dr. Richard Clark, director of the division of medical toxicology at UCSD, and medical director for the California Poison Control System at UCSD Medical Center, tries to answer this question. More

L.A. Earthquake Should Have San Diego Taking Notice
San Diego News Network
, May 18 -- With Sunday’s 4.7-magnitude earthquake in Los Angeles, which was felt as far south as San Diego, and last month’s earthquakes in Italy and Mexico, many in San Diego may be wondering, “could we be next?” (Quotes UCSD geophysics professor Jean Bernard Minster) More


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