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October 24, 2002

Media Contact: Shannon Kelly, (858) 658-7409


Fisher Science Education is pleased to announce that it has recently partnered with Biocom/sandiego in support of the Preuss School at the University of California, San Diego. Fisher Science has made a gift of $53,000 worth of scientific materials and equipment to furnish a new biology lab classroom at the school.

The goal behind the donation was to ensure that Preuss School students would have a sophisticated set of equipment that would bring science to life and help teach students the type of lab skills they will need for success in college or a professional laboratory setting.

“This is another positive step for our school. Fisher’s gift will help ensure that our students are prepared for success in college. We are excited to be partnering with Fisher Science Education and Biocom/sandiego to bring state of the art equipment to our classrooms,” said Dr. Doris Alvarez, Preuss School Principal/Director.

Fisher’s gift includes spectrophotometers, electronic balances, microscopes, video flexocams, electrophoresis equipment, pipetters, a micro centrifuge and chemical supplies. The materials and equipment will allow students to conduct experiments in the areas of cell and molecular biology, biotechnology, biochemistry, genetics and life science. Not only will the equipment be used to teach the school’s new Advanced Biology class, but will be available for use by other middle and high school classes as well. The Preuss School offers a strong science curriculum which far exceeds state requirements. Every Preuss student takes a science course every year so all Preuss graduates will have completed four years of high school science. The equipment donation by Fisher will help solidify the program by ensuring that Preuss students can apply their classroom lessons through experimentation and hands-on application.

Lead biology teacher Antonio Gamboa, who holds a MS in Cellular and Molecular Biology and MA in Biology, knows first hand the value of this type of equipment donation. “As a former research associate, I understand the importance of training our students in the proper use of lab equipment. We are located in the center of a biotechnology zone. These students need to understand how to operate in a lab setting and feel comfortable with basic biology and biotechnology experimentation.”

The Preuss School is a public middle/high school dedicated to providing an intensive college prep education for motivated low-income students who will become the first in their families to graduate from college. Using a high degree of personal attention and parental involvement, we are preparing these students to succeed at the University of California and other selective colleges.

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