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October 7, 2003

Media Contact: Pat JaCoby, 858 534-7404


Robert C. Dynes, who became President of the University California on Oct. 2, 2003, was honored before his departure as chancellor of the University of California, San Diego with two major awards noting the accomplishments of his seven years of campus leadership.

Dynes was awarded the Revelle Medal, UCSD’s highest honor given by the Academic Senate and the administration, in recognition of distinguished and sustained service to the university, and received the Civis Universitatis award from the UC San Diego Foundation.

The Revelle Medal commemorates Roger Revelle’s role in establishing a general campus of the University of California in San Diego.

Jan Talbot, Academic Senate chair, stated “Bob has embraced and fostered the Revelle Legacy—which is, focus on excellence, recruit the best, and then give them the freedom to innovate. We have chosen Bob for this honor because he has been true to the principles that forged this great university. And, in many ways, he personifies those principles.”

Acting Chancellor Marsha Chandler said, “Throughout his years as Chancellor, Bob Dynes followed closely in the footsteps of Roger Revelle in building the quality and stature of UCSD. From enhancing the caliber of our faculty, students and staff to strengthening our enviable town-gown relationship, Bob has upheld Roger’s commitment to excellence.”

The name Civis Universitatis means “citizen of the university” and the award honors persons who have supported the campus and made a significant difference to the quality and breadth of university programs.

In presenting the award, Duane J. Roth, UC San Diego Foundation chair, said that “the Foundation salutes his creative innovations in diversity and K-14 outreach, such as the establishment of the Preuss School, and initiatives that were subsequently adopted by the entire UC system—the four percent admissions plan and “University Link” agreements with low income high school and community colleges. Largely due to his active participation, his much-beloved Chancellor’s 5K Run has raised over $850,000 for undergraduate scholarships.”

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