Student Requests for Late
Night Availability Answered by
Food Service, Library, Transportation

March 15, 2007

By Pat JaCoby

Students said they wanted late-night services on campus, and the University listened. Now available up to 2 a.m.: a late night latte or sandwich, a quiet place to study and a shuttle bus ride.

In support of suggestions made in the Undergraduate Student Experience and Satisfaction (USES) report and the UCSD master plan for the center of campus, three student services have joined to provide the late night amenities.

These include Geisel Library, now open Sunday through Thursday until 2 a.m. during the academic year; and the Regents/East Shuttle with final pick-up from Geisel Library at 2:10 a.m. Sunday through Thursday. Additionally, in the Price Center food court, Espresso Roma is open until 2 a.m. Monday through Thursday, and Subway open until 2 a.m. Sunday through Thursday.

Catherine Friedman, associate university librarian, said student usage during the late hours is quite high, with as many as 300 students in the library after midnight. Sam Corbett, Transportation and Parking, said that buses which run every 15 minutes until 1 a.m. are popular, but that the 2:10 a.m. express bus to the Regents Road parking lot isn’t well utilized.  “Students may not yet be aware of the service,” he suggested

Senior student Jackie Ihunwo said “I was studying recently for a math final in Geisel and they were closing at midnight. My friends and I stressed because there was nowhere to go. I’m so glad that both Geisel and the PC Food Court are open late now.”

“I love starting a new day in PC at 12 a.m.,” sophomore James Song added.

“When the University Centers expansion and renovation project is complete, there will be even more late night eateries and activities in the neighborhood for students to enjoy,” noted Paul Terzino, interim director of University Centers.


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