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UC San Diego Announces
Undergraduate Admissions for Fall 2011

Forty-six percent of new freshmen admitted are from Southern California; underrepresented students up 15.4 percent from Fall 2010

April 18, 2011

By Christine Clark

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The University of California, San Diego has admitted 18,234 freshmen for Fall 2011. The number of admitted students is down 122 or a 0.7 percent decrease from last year due to over enrollment from Fall 2010. The new freshmen were selected from a record 53,455 applications. UC San Diego admitted 3,512 underrepresented students, up 15.4 percent from Fall 2010.

Of the 18,234 admitted freshmen, the average GPA is 4.09 and average SAT Reasoning scores are 633, 681 and 654 respectively for Critical Reading, Math and Writing. UC San Diego continues to enhance the diversity of its campus community, with a total of 394 African-Americans (up 2.9 percent from last year), 2,317 Mexican-Americans (up 19.6 percent from last year) and 721 Latinos (up 17.2 percent from last year) admitted for Fall 2011. In addition, UC San Diego admitted 4,568 first-generation students, up 4.6 percent from last year.   

“The academic quality of our admitted students is truly impressive and we look forward to welcoming these bright minds to our campus,” said Chancellor Marye Anne Fox. “We are also pleased that the number of underrepresented students admitted to the university went up 15 percent this year and we remain committed to ensuring accessibility and affordability for all students who want to attend UC San Diego.”

Mae Brown, assistant vice chancellor and director of admissions at UC San Diego added, “Despite the difficult economy, UC San Diego will remain dedicated to educating California’s diverse populace.”

The University of California campuses have received a $500 million cut for next year. UC San Diego is looking at a reduction of at least $60 million, on top of previous cuts and those numbers could double if a California revenue measure is not put before voters.

For the first time in UC history, the collective tuition payments made by University of California students will exceed what the state contributes to the system’s general fund. The persistent lack of state funding has been detrimental to UC San Diego’s enrollment capacity. Enrollment targets for in-state students are based on how much state funding UC San Diego receives per student.

Last year, UC San Diego enrolled more than 1,200 students for whom it received no state funding. For Fall 2011, the campus increased the number of out-of-state and international students offered freshman admission, an effort designed to bring in more funding during difficult economic times and to broaden the diversity of the campus population. This year, 2,272 out-of-state students, up 36 percent from Fall 2010 and 2,021 international students, up 47.7 percent from Fall 2010 were admitted to UC San Diego for Fall 2011.

UC San Diego will continue to bring California resident enrollment closer in line with the actual funding levels provided by the state, levels that have not kept pace with enrollment.

More than 46 percent of the newly admitted UC San Diego freshmen are from Southern California. Approximately 1,475, or 8.1 percent, are from San Diego and Imperial Counties. The largest percentage of the admitted freshmen, 6,928 (38 percent), come from Los Angeles, followed by San Francisco with 3,451 students (18.9 percent).

The most popular majors chosen by this class are biology, economics, mechanical and aerospace engineering, chemistry and computer science engineering.

More females than males were admitted for Fall 2011. UC San Diego recorded 54.2 percent females compared to 45.7 percent males and 0.2 percent not responding to this question.

Admitted freshmen have until May 1 to indicate whether they will attend UC San Diego.

UC San Diego’s fiscal year 2010 revenues were $2.9 billion; 31.7 percent of this total is revenue from contracts and grants, most of which is from the federal government for research. Only 9.6 percent of the university’s operating budget comes from the State of California. Yet, that small state investment in UC San Diego results in significant impact to the region in terms of the economy and healthcare. UC San Diego faculty, staff and alumni have started 646 companies, including many local biotech and technology firms.

Media Contact: Christine Clark, 858-534-7618, or ceclark@ucsd.edu

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