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ARCS Foundation
Gives UC San Diego Science,
Engineering and Medical Students
More Than $3 Million in Scholarships

December 16, 2008

By Judy Piercey

Our nation is a worldwide leader in science and technology, but it is predicted that foreign countries will soon outpace the United States unless we become more competitive in science education.  With Europe and China graduating more university-educated engineers and scientists on a yearly basis than the U.S., the ARCS Foundation, Inc is dedicated to facilitating the graduation rate of as many elite scholars as possible.

Photo of San Diego ARCS Foundation awards participants
At a recent San Diego ARCS Foundation awards presentation (left to right): Chris McAndrew (ARCS scholar), Professor Dan Donoghue (Dept. of Chemistry/Biochemistry), Chancellor Marye Anne Fox, Lois Thompson (ARCS co-president), James Krieger (ARCS Scholar), Jordon Meier (ARCS Scholar), Ann Irwin (ARCS Liaison to UCSD), Mary Lou Quick (ARCS VP University Relations), Jane Daniels (Asst Liaison to UCSD).

The ARCS Foundation, a national volunteer women’s organization, provides scholarships to top students studying the natural sciences, medicine and engineering.  The local chapter has given UC San Diego students $3,150,000 since the chapter’s inception in 1985.

“For more than 20 years, the San Diego chapter of the ARCS Foundation has recognized and encouraged the efforts of our science, engineering and medical students,” said UC San Diego Chancellor Marye Anne Fox.  “As the foundation celebrates its 50th anniversary, we extend our sincere appreciation for the organization’s continued commitment to the future scientific leaders of our community, our nation and our world.”

In the 2008-09 academic year, 23 UCSD students received $212,500 in fellowships and graduate scholarships from the ARCS Foundation.  To receive an ARCS Foundation grant, students are recommended by deans and department chairs at their university.  The San Diego chapter follows these guidelines in making scholarship and fellowship grants:

  • ARCS Foundation Scholars must be citizens of the United States;
  • ARCS Foundation Scholars must have grade point averages of 3.7 or higher;
  • ARCS Foundation Scholars must be enrolled as full-time students specializing in natural sciences, engineering or medicine;
  • Scholarships are merit-based. When the merits of candidates appear equal, then need is considered; and
  • ARCS Foundation Scholars are selected without regard to race, gender or religion.


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