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Muir College Staffer
Casts Light on Plight of Homeless

"There's a lot we don't know about the homeless," says Jamie Browning Riehl in a soft, articulate British accent, "but we do know there are many more homeless women and children than people suspect, and we do know that punitive laws don't help things at all."   More
Panel Debate on the Media
and Iraq War Raises More Questions Than Answers
The media could have done a better job in the lead up to the war. And, the state of the media is problematic. That much was clear during a panel discussion held Nov. 30 at UCSD of news coverage of the war in Iraq. Other than that, there were just more questions: Is embedding journalists with troops good or bad? Why was coverage of the lead up to the war lacking? Would the outcome have changed if coverage had been better? More
Energy and Climate:
Challenges and Solutions
A panel discussion today on global warming and the prospects of a hydrogen economy will kick off a new lecture series on the environment by the Division of Physical Sciences. More
Researchers Identify New Role for
Drugs in Prevention, Treatment Of Atherosclerosis
Drugs that work in the liver to reduce fatty triglyceride levels and improve insulin resistance, are also effective at inhibiting the formation of cholesterol-laden plaques that cause atherosclerosis in artery walls, according to researchers at the School of Medicine. More
Argo Robotic Instrument
Network Now Covers Most Of The Globe
Scientists have crossed an important threshold in an international effort to deploy a global network of robotic instruments to monitor and investigate important changes in the world's oceans. More
Biologists Identify Gene in Corn Plants
that May Have Paved Way for Development of Maize
UCSD biologists have identified a gene that appears to have been a critical trait in allowing the earliest plant breeders 7,000 years ago to transform teosinte, a wild grass that grows in the Mexican Sierra Madre, into maize, the world’s third most planted crop after rice and wheat. More
Scientists Overwhelmingly Agree:
Humans Are The Cause Of Climate Change,
Writes History Professor Naomi Oreskes
There is a popular perception – bolstered by the assertions of policymakers and corporations interested in preserving a do-nothing status quo – that scientists fundamentally disagree on the causes of global climate change. Not so, writes Naomi Oreskes, an associate professor of history and director of the Science Studies Program, in the Dec. 3 issue of Science magazine. More
Jorge Huerta Appointed to New Posts
of Associate Chancellor and Chief Diversity Officer
Chancellor Marye Anne Fox has appointed Jorge Huerta, professor of Theatre, to the new dual post of associate chancellor and chief diversity officer. More
Sally Ride Receives
NCAA's Highest Honor
Sally K. Ride, the first American woman in space and a professor of physics, has been selected by the National Collegiate Athletics Association as the recipient of the 2005 Theodore Roosevelt Award, the highest honor the NCAA bestows on an individual. More
Cover Story: Health for Life -- Stem Cells
Larry Goldstein on Stem Cells
CNN News
Economists Are Getting Religion
Business Week
California's New Stem-Cell
Initiative Is Already Raising Concerns

New York Times
Q & A with Marye Anne Fox
San Diego Union-Tribune
Sex Makes Women Happy, it's Official
ABC News
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December 6 , 2004
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SIO Special Symposium
The celebration of V. Ramachandran's 60th birthday will take place in 4500 Hubbs Hall in the form of an all-day symposium featuring eight lectures presented by experts in several of Ramanathan areas of research.
Dec. 9, 8:45 a.m.
Hubbs Hall
Business Strategies: Image as a Part of Corporate Strategy
Dec. 9, 7:30 a.m.
Salk Conference Room
La Jolla Symphony
& Chorus Presents:
Messiah Sing
Dec. 12, 4 p.m.
St. Elizabeth Seton
Catholic Church
Tibet at the Crossroads Dec. 8, 4:30 p.m.
Powell Focht Engineering Hall Auditorium
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$4.6 billion: UCSD's national economic impact last year
10 Ph.D.'s, 4 M.D.'s, 11 graduate level degrees: A sample of the Rady School of Management's inaugural class' credentials
41,000: Number of applications for UCSD's 2004 academic year

The Burial of the Count of Orgaz & Other Poems
Edited with Introductions by
Jerome Rothenberg,
professor emeritus in visual arts,
& Pierre Joris

At age 54, Picasso temporarily halted all painting and focused on poetry. After resuming his painting, Picasso continued to write until 1959. Now poets Jerome Rothenberg and Pierre Joris have overseen a project to translate much of this writing into English. More


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