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Challenge Pay Outs

Dynes: $5,900

Fox: $5,900

Robertson '80: $4,980

Pae: Washed Fox's Car

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UC President Robert C. Dynes (center) leads the way across the starting line
at the ninth annual Chancellor's Challenge 5-K Run/Walk for Scholars . (Photo Credit: Kevin Walsh)

Chancellor's 5-K Raises Record
Amount for Undergraduate Scholarships

By Shannon Casey | October 25, 2004

Nearly 1,400 UCSD students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends met at the white chalk starting line on RIMAC field on Friday afternoon to travel the winding 3.1-mile course through campus in support of undergraduate scholarships.

Tyson Kim, a fifth-year physics student, who is putting himself through college with the help of undergraduate scholarships, greets his scholarship donor, Julia Brown of Amylin Pharmaceuticals. (Photos: Jaimie Bell)

Among them was Tyson Kim, a fifth-year physics student, who is putting himself through college with the help of undergraduate scholarships. “I am here today because I love the people who have helped me, and they are going to be here today,” said Kim, referring to his scholarship donor Julia Brown, executive vice president of the La Jolla-based Amylin Pharmaceuticals, a 5-K sponsor. “I wouldn’t be able to do all that I have done to get me where I am today if it weren’t for the financial support I’ve received”

Stories like Kim’s are precisely what the annual Chancellor’s Challenge 5-K Run/Walk for Scholars exists to promote. UC President Robert C. Dynes created the challenge in 1996 when he began his initial service as UCSD chancellor. The 5K has since become an annual tradition to raise money for undergraduate scholarships.

This year, Dynes returned to campus to participate in his ninth consecutive Chancellor’s Challenge along with current UCSD Chancellor Marye Anne Fox, who hosted the event. Both pledged to personally contribute $25 for every person who crossed the finish line ahead of Dynes, an avid runner. UCSD alumnus Michael Robertson ’80, founder of and Lindows, also issued a challenge, donating $25 for every runner who beat his time.

Preuss School students gather front-and-center to listen on as Chancellor Fox welcomes the crowd. (Photo: Jaimie Bell)

Fox kicked off the event by thanking the huge crowd of runners for their participation and support.

UCSD Chancellor Marye Anne Fox and UC President Robert C. Dynes meet after the race. (Photo: Shannon Casey)

"This is a personal priority for me," said Fox about the importance of student scholarship support. Fox thanked Dynes for creating the positive program, calling him a role model for physical fitness. She also remarked upon the significance of both of their race numbers. "I'm wearing No. 7 because I'm the seventh chancellor of UCSD, and Bob Dynes is wearing No. 1 because he is number one in our hearts."

Joking about the impact the race results could have on his wallet, Dynes playfully noted, "I will run as fast as I can, because I can't afford for all of you to beat me."

First place runner Jason Delaney surges toward the finish line, several yards ahead of anyone else, to make his winning time of 15:33. (Photo: Jaimie Bell)

As it turned out, not all of the runners beat Dynes, but 236 did cross the finish line before him, including Jason Delaney, who came in first with a time of 15 minutes and 33 seconds. The cost to Dynes and Fox: $5,900 each. Robertson didn't get off so easy either, with 198 people beating his time at a cost to him of $4,980 in donations. When combined with sponsor donations and registration fees, this year's Chancellor's Challenge raised a total of $250,000, the most ever raised for the event.

"We are exceptionally grateful for the leadership of President Dynes and Chancellor Fox, and the outstanding generosity of both the off-campus and the UCSD community in providing these scholarship funds for our many worthy students who will become the future scholars and leaders of California and the nation," said Joseph Watson, vice chancellor for Student Affairs.

Last year, the 5-K brought in $197,332, and since its inception, has raised $1.25 million in scholarships for more than 500 undergraduate students at UCSD.

Jenelle Dean (left back) and Brandon Freeman (right) pitch in to help AS President Jenn Pae (left front) wash Chancellor Fox’s ca r— Pae’s payment for losing a bet to beat President Dynes’ race time. (Photo: Shannon Casey)

While the primary focus of the Chancellor's Challenge was to raise money for scholarships, Associated Students President Jenn Pae issued a unique challenge of her own on behalf of UCSD students. If Pae finished the race before Dynes, Fox agreed to donate money to the AS BBQ. If Dynes beat Pae, however, she pledged to roll up her sleeves and wash the Chancellor's car. Dynes proved to be a fierce competitor and Fox returned to a clean car within the hour.



Race Category Male
(1st and 2nd Place)
(1st and 2nd Place)

Jason Delaney, 15:33
Henry Lesperance, 16:21

Amanda Felder, 18:30
Gayle Nugent, 19:08


Michael Todd, 17:14
Allan Timmermann, 18:04

Barbara Waler, 24:12
Kyung Hwa Kang, 27:47


Dave Dunbar, 15:46
John Healy, 17:15

Kathy Dunbar, 19:15
Michelle Wedemeyer, 20:14


Kim McDonald, 17:21
Robert Baran, 17:53

Havilay Taylor, 21:28
Nancy Wilkins-Diehr, 21:38

Sponsor/Community Friend

Mark Wade, 18:21
Jonathan Lockner, 19:18

Janice Riedel, 20:38
Kelly Powell, 21:27

Senior (age 55+)

Robert Starkey, 26:18
Dale Sutton, 26:45



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La Jolla, CA 92093-0938