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Clean Energy Advocate
Practices What He Preaches
At Encinitas 'Demonstration Site' Home

For years, academic Rob Wilder has been talking and writing about environmental policy, and how to keep things cleaner and greener. Two years ago, he and his wife, Diana, a management services offices at the Institute for International Comparative and Area Studies, decided to put Wilder's words into action. More
Former UC President Challenges
Higher Ed to “Rethink” Diversity Efforts
In a May 18 keynote address at a University of Michigan national conference on diversity, UC President Emeritus Richard C. Atkinson challenged higher education to build multiculturalism by broadening admission and outreach approaches, and he warned that, as California has learned, “compromise is impossible” in the debate over affirmative action “because each side claims the moral high ground.” More
Grasping Metaphors: UCSD
Research Ties Brain Area To Figures Of Speech
What does it take to fathom a proverb – catch the figurative meaning of “an apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”? According to research led by V. S. Ramachandran, director of the Center for Brain and Cognition, a region of the brain known as the angular gyrus is probably at least partly responsible for the human ability to understand metaphor. More
Scripps Researchers Discover Underwater Volcano
A team of scientists led by researchers at Scripps Institution of Oceanography has discovered an active underwater volcano near the Samoan Island chain. During a research cruise to study the Samoan hot spot, scientists uncovered a submarine volcano growing in the summit crater of another larger underwater volcano, Vailulu'u. Researchers explored the unique biological community surrounding the eruption site, and were amazed to find an "Eel City," a community of hundreds of slithering eels
Face Value: Hidden
Smiles Influence
Consumption and Judgment
Current research makes no comment on horses, but it seems that humans can be made to drink. In studies led by Piotr Winkielman, an associate professor of psychology, people altered their consumption behaviors after exposure to subliminal facial expressions.
Price Center Expansion
Design Earns Prestigious Architecture Award
The San Diego Chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) has awarded the Price Center Expansion an "Honor Award" -- the highest award -- in the un-built category, at a ceremony earlier this month. The award-winning architect is Mehrdad Yazdani of Cannon Design, who worked closely with students, faculty and staff on UCSD’s Building Advisory Committee (BAC). More
Lunch Never Tasted So Good
Rubio's Fresh Mexican Grill is showing its altruistic spirit by offering a quick and easy way for its UCSD patrons to support the university. On Monday, June 6, between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m., Rubio's in the Price Center will be donating 20 percent of each transaction to the UC San Diego Staff Association Scholarship Fund. Customers looking to participate in the fund-raiser must present this flyer to the cashier for their purchase to qualify for the program. More
New Method for
Imaging Dec. 26 Indian
Ocean Earthquake Yields Unprecedented Results
The disastrous Dec. 26, 2004, earthquake in the Indian Ocean that generated an enormous tsunami and led to untold devastation for millions of people was one of the largest earthquakes ever recorded. Seismologists are using new methods to detail the processes that unfolded during the event, known as the Sumatra-Andaman earthquake. More
SDSC and Calit2 Open Synthesis Center
The San Diego Supercomputer Center and the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology celebrated the grand opening Monday of the SDSC/Calit2 Synthesis Center. Located on the first floor of the SDSC building, the center’s tools and user services are designed to bring together scientists from different disciplines with information technology experts, offering users access to the existing and new cyberinfrastructure tools needed to solve multidisciplinary and multi-science problems in a collaborative way. More
Education Outreach Poster Fair
On a campus as large as UCSD, it can be tricky to make connections with colleagues in other academic units and to learn from each other. Because sharing best practices is especially important for groups working with the local community, the Divisions of Biological and Physical Sciences and the San Diego Supercomputer Center organized a poster fair and social for UCSD faculty, staff and students involved in education outreach. More
Deadlines, Transitions Heat Up Emotions
ABC News
Stroke Patients' Responses
to the Abstract Yield Brain Clues
Wall Street Journal
Out of Nowhere, a Volcano
New York Times
Stroke Patients Shed Light On Metaphors
Op-Ed: Thinking Out Loud
Los Angeles Times
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May 31, 2005
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An Example to Us All: Campus Honors 10 Exemplary Employees

Ten Exemplary Staff Employees of the Year were honored Monday in a ceremony at the Faculty Club. Family, friends and colleagues joined Chancellor Marye Anne Fox and other campus leaders in paying tribute to the accomplishments of the awardees. More

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Nutrition: West Meets East
Lukas Buehler

This book is an exploration of both traditional and modern scientific views of the relationship between food and health, from ancient medicine to modern food guide pyramids and health risk factors. Food is not just about taste and identity, but definitely beneficial or detrimental to our health and strength. Modern medicine, while powerful and exact, still lacks many insights about traditional knowledge, about the healing power of nutrients and herbs. More

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