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Making a rare appearance at a UC Board of Regents meeting, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger came to UCSD Wednesday to tout a budget proposal to freeze UC student fees for 2006-07. The governor, who also is the board's president, urged the regents to work with him to include the proposal in the final budget the legislature will approve this year. More

Regents Restructure Pay Scale for Senior Managers
The University of California Board of Regents approved a new salary structure for senior management positions and new rules for severance agreements during a meeting at UCSD last week. Regents also responded to some of the criticism UC has faced over its executive compensation packages.More

UCSD Partners with Venter Institute
to Decipher Genetic Code of Marine Microbes

Since 2003, Sorcerer II has crisscrossed the world’s oceans, dropping its anchor every 200 miles and harvesting samples of microbial life. The results of the project, financed by UCSD alumni J. Craig Venter and his research institute, have been staggering: the expedition uncovered up to 40,000 new species at some sites and discovered millions of new genes between Halifax and the Galapagos, with many more to come. More
UCSD Takes "Special Unit Award"
Honors at the Martin Luther King Parade

More than 500 UCSD students, staff, administrators, family and friends, including Chancellor Marye Anne Fox, marched in the Marting Luther King Parade at PetCo Park in San Diego to the theme of "Freedom Through Education." See photos of the parade>
UCSD On Track To Raise $1 billion in Private Support
A few years ago, it was unheard of for an institution of higher education to launch a $1 billion fundraising campaign.  Yet today, with declining state funds and skyrocketing budgets, there are 25 American universities - including UCSD - that have embarked on ambitious private support initiatives to raise $1 billion or more. More
Biologists Find New
Evidence for One-Way Evolution

By tracing the 30-million year history of variation in a gene found in plants such as tomatoes and tobacco, biologists have found new evidence to support an old idea — that some evolutionary changes are irreversible. More
Study Finds Evolution Doesn't Always Favor Bigger Animals
Biologists have long believed that bigger is better when it comes to body size, since many lineages of animals, from horses to dinosaurs, have evolved into larger species over time. More
National Academy of
Sciences Awards Major
Prize to Chemistry
and Biology Professor

Russell F. Doolittle, a UCSD research professor, has been selected by the National Academy of Sciences to receive the academy’s John J. Carty Award for the Advancement of Science. More
Australian Leaders Visit UCSD
UCSD's Graduate School of International Relations/Pacific Studies Dean Peter Cowhey is shown questioning former Premier Bob Carr, who, until he stepped down last year, had served more than 10 years as leader of Australia's most populous region, the province of New South Wales. Now a leading spokesman for the Australian-American Leadership Dialogue, which aims to promote relations between the two nations, Carr was interviewed January 18 by Cowhey and Andrew MacIntyre, Dean of the Asia-Pacific School of Management at the University of Australia on a wide range of topics. The interview and conversation took place as part of the Dean's Round Table at the Faculty Club and was taped by UCSD-TV for later broadcast.
Tests to Protect Buildings
from Earthquakes and Terrorists
CBS News
UC Regents Act to
Tighten Oversight of Managers' Pay
Los Angeles Times
New Evidence Found for One-Way Evolution
New Cardio Center, Expanded
Emergency Dept. OK'd for Thornton Hospital
San Diego Union-Tribune
Accidental Traveler in a Brave New World
San Diego Union-Tribune
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January 23, 2006
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Beyond Energy Savings

UCSD's Sustainability Initiative is more than a campus conservation plan. It's also about combining research, technology and academic resources to find solutions to global environmental problems. More

Where Does it All Go?
UCSD e-mail users got spammed 27 million times in 2005. Which is nothing compared with the 207 million total incoming e-mails. See these and more UCSD e-mail stats.

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1,110: Number of Junior Biology majors at UCSD, 2005-2006
1,422: Number of Senior Biology majors at UCSD, 2005-2006
1,599: Number of Male undergraduate biology majors at UCSD

Antimicrobial Peptides in Human Health and Disease
Richard L. Gallo

This book represents a cutting edge summary of one of the most important fields in innate immunity. Antimicrobial peptides rapidly and directly inhibit infection by microbes and are of enormous importance in the body's natural defense against disease. Written by the leaders in the field this book provides an understanding of the implications of antimicrobial peptides in human disease. More

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