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Photo of Susan and James Golden

In Love with Research, and with Each Other
Faculty couples share perks, trials of living and working together
Whether they share labs or library books, interests in poetry or proteins, faculty couples—people who have made a commitment to their research and to one another—face an entirely unique set of challenges and privileges in academia. It is hard to determine how many married couples or life partners there are in UCSD’s faculty. Some departments have a concentration, while in other cases couples are split among disciplines or between teaching, research and administration. More arrow

Financial Aid, Diversity Focus of
Chancellor’s Town Hall with Students

Chancellor's Town Hall (Photo / Victor W. Chen)Financial aid for graduate students and low-income students, as well as programs to boost diversity were on the mind of students who turned out for a town hall meeting with Chancellor Marye Anne Fox Wednesday at the Price Center East Ballroom. More arrow

Economic Empowerment Theme of
Black History Month at UC San Diego

UC San Diego Black Student Union (Photo / Victor W. Chen)After centuries of unrequited toil and despite gaining freedom, African-Americans were still plagued by a discriminatory society and the ills of poverty. In this regard, UCSD is recognizing Black History Month with several events that reflect this year’s theme, Recognizing the Future of Black Economic Empowerment. More arrow

Former Foster Youth Attending UC San Diego
Awarded Technology Packages from Sony, Intel

Sony award recipients (Photo / Victor W. Chen) Ya Hui “Evy” Lin is working toward a Master’s degree at UC San Diego, with the goal of someday developing pharmaceutical drugs to help others. Last year, she finished her undergraduate degree in human biology here. The cards have not always been stacked in Lin’s favor, though. She grew up in California’s foster system. She also battled—and overcame—thyroid cancer as a teenager in high school. Tuesday, Sony Electronics, with the support of Intel, awarded Lin and four other UC San Diego students who are former foster youth with top-of-the-line technology packages. More arrow

Turning Community and Campus Leaders
into UC San Diego Advocates

Photo of campus advocacy training In a state where more money is spent to incarcerate people than on higher education, the University of California is expanding its community of supporters to stand up to local and state elected officials to help make a difference in higher education. More arrow

UCSD Doctors Take Part in Relief Efforts in Haiti
Photo of doctors in HaitiThree UC San Diego physicians have been working non-stop in Haiti since Jan. 15, performing surgeries, bracing through aftershocks and administrating care to the wounded. They are chronicling their experiences on the UCSD Haiti Team Web site. Click here to read their first-person accounts and news coverage of their efforts. More arrow

Local Educational Institutions Form Joint Committee to Consider Establishment of UC San Diego School of Law
UC San Diego and California Western School of Law has formed a joint committee made up of faculty and administrators from both institutions to consider an affiliation that may lead to the establishment of a UC San Diego School of Law.  More arrow

Better Computing, Communication
for Emergency Personnel at Disaster Sites

Photo of disaster relief personnelHurricane Katrina. The Southeast Asian tsunami. Now the killer earthquake in Haiti, which has claimed upwards of 50,000 lives. In each case, the response to a natural disaster has been further complicated by the difficulty delivering medical care in a chaotic environment where the communications infrastructure on the ground is seriously damaged or completely destroyed. More arrow

Study Confirms Prostate Cancer is Treated
Differently at County vs. Private Hospitals

Photo of J. Kellogg ParsonsResearchers at Moores Cancer Center at UCSD and colleagues have found that prostate cancer treatments varied significantly between county hospitals and private providers. Patients treated in county hospitals are more likely to undergo surgery while patients treated in private facilities tend to receive radiation or hormone therapy. More arrow

Supercomputer Center Joins Other UC San Diego Departments, LLNL in Oncology Collaboration
Photo of researchersResearchers from the San Diego Supercomputer Center have joined forces with the department of radiation oncology at the School of Medicine, the UCSD department of mathematics, and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in a three-year, $1.5 million project to pursue novel applications of high-performance computing in radiotherapy. More arrow


Renowned UC San Diego
Astrophysicist and Astronomer Dies at 84

Geoffrey Burbidge, a renowned British astrophysicist and astronomer at UCSD who made contributions to our understanding of how elements are formed in stars as well as modern cosmology and radio galaxies, died Jan. 26 at the Scripps Memorial Hospital in La Jolla after a long illness. He was 84. More arrow

Alumni Association Announces
Annual Award Recipients

An internationally celebrated composer, conductor and musician; a trailblazing academic leader and accomplished research scientist; a broadcast entertainment industry executive; and a celebrated faculty member have all be named by the UCSD Alumni Association as the recipients of the 32nd annual Awards for Excellence. The prestigious awards honoring outstanding UC San Diego alumni and faculty will be presented during Alumni Weekend on Saturday, June 5. More arrow

UC San Diego Student Named
Clinique “Fresh Faces” Contest Winner

As Monica Pearce, 19, explains it, she just happened to stumble upon the Clinique trailer parked in the eucalyptus trees on the UCSD campus one day. Pearce was later notifiedthat she had been selected as one of three winners in the Fresh Faces contest sponsored by Teen Vogue and Clinique. More arrow

Press Clips

  arrow Astrophysicist Proved Elements Are Created by Stars
The Wall Street Journal
February 1, 2010
  arrow Blue Whales are Singing in a Lower Key
Los Angeles Times
February 1, 2010
  arrow Brain Study Sheds Light on Language Use
Voice of America
January 28, 2010
  arrow Prostate Cancer Care Varies By Hospital Type
January 26, 2010
  arrow New Understanding Of How Plants Use Water
Voice of America
January 26, 2010

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February 1, 2010

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Chancellor's Corner
Letter from Chancellor Photo of Chancellor Marye Anne Fox
An investment in higher education is an investment in our future. For years, we’ve conveyed that message to our legislators, our supporters, our campus community and the people of California. More arrow
Q&A: Cliff Kubiak Photo of Cliff Kubiak
What do chemistry and athletics have in common? At UC San Diego, the answer is Cliff Kubiak. In addition to being a professor of chemistry, he also serves as the university’s Faculty Athletics Representative. More arrow
At Work UCSD, Cal Western Law Considering Affiliation, Chancellor Tells Academic Senate
UC San Diego and California Western School of Law have formed a committee to consider an affiliation that could lead to a UC San Diego School of Law, Chancellor Marye Anne Fox told the Academic Senate on Tuesday. If the proposal is approved, Fox said, the law school would be self-supporting and would require no state or UC San Diego campus funds to operate. More arrow

UC Proposes Use of Sick Leave for Baby Bonding
Photo of baby bonding
Parents would be able to take paid leave for baby bonding under a newly proposed policy now available for employee comment. Responding to employee interest, UC Human Resources has proposed allowing employees, including birth parents, adoptive parents and foster parents, to use up to 30 days of accrued sick leave for baby bonding. More arrow

Staff Education and Development Courses

Intermediate Microsoft Access 2007
2/9/10 and 2/11/10
8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Negotiating Effectively: Skills for Managers
8:30 a.m to 11:30 a.m.

Training Adults at Work: Principles
1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

What's Happening
Photo of diversity award recipients
15th Annual Equal Opportunity/affirmative Action And Diversity Awards
Feb. 9, 2010
2:00 p.m.
Price Center
Photo of journalists
The Reconstruction of American Journalism
Feb. 12, 2010
5:00 p.m.
UCSD Institute of the Americas
Photo of Google economist
Predicting the Present With Google Trends
Feb. 18, 2010
7:30 p.m.
Ida and Cecil Green Faculty Club
Photo of holocaust workshop
Holocaust Living History Workshop
Feb. 3 - March 3
Geisel Library
Photo of Suzanne Vega
Suzanne Vega
Feb. 16, 2010
8:00 p.m.
The Loft

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You Do The Math
= 1,770: number of completed surveys from medical students received by a team of UCLA and UC San Diego experts in the fields of CAM, integrative medicine, Western medicine, medical education and survey development
= 77: percentage of participants agreed to some extent that patients whose doctors know about complementary and alternative medicine in addition to conventional medicine, benefit more than those whose doctors are only familiar with Western medicine.
Faculty Authors
Book cover of Composing the Citizen
Composing the Citizen: Music as Public Utility in Third Republic France
By Jann Pasler

In tumultuous Third Republic France, when the country’s social, political and economic fabric was in flux after a series of wars and revolts, music turned out to be a binding force. Rather than a luxury, music was used in that context as a “public utility.” So argues Pasler, whose illuminating study of this period, based on rich archival evidence, shows how art can help change the course of a nation’s history. More arrow
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