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Why Your Diet Makes You Angry
Did you just decide to eat an apple instead of a candy bar? You should be feeling happy because you're doing what's good for you, right? Well, according to researchers at UC San Diego and Northwestern University, you're actually more likely to be angry. Wendy Liu, from UCSD's Rady School of Management, and David Gal, from Northwestern's Kellogg School of Management, conducted a series of experiments on undergraduate students and concluded that exerting self-control leads to feelings of anger. The finding didn't surprise the researchers. "We were surprised that a lot of people don't see it," Liu said. More arrow

Business Information Consumption: 9,570,000,000,000,000,000,000 Bytes per Year
Business Information ConsumptionThree scientists at UC San Diego have rigorously estimated the annual amount of business-related information processed by the world's computer servers in terms that Guttenberg and Galileo would have appreciated: the digital equivalent of a 5.6-billion-mile-high stack of books from Earth to Neptune and back to Earth, repeated about 20 times a year. More arrow

San Diego Supercomputer Center to
Open Large-scale Data Systems Research Center

The San Diego Supercomputer Center will establish a new partnership to bring together industry and university research to investigate a pressing business and information technology challenge: how to address both the management and technical aspects of "big data," or the accumulation of massive data sets requiring new approaches for large-scale data storage and business analytics. More arrow

Administrators, Faculty, Staff Join Forces
to Advocate Against Budget Cuts in Sacramento

higher EdUC San Diego's Student Affairs, Staff Association and Academic Senate collaborated at the state capitol Tuesday to explain to legislators that California's higher education system is the solution to the state's economic crisis. But state budget cuts of $500 million or more to the University of California are critically threatening the university's future and its ability to continue functioning as a driving force for the state's economy. More arrow

Fiesta de las Estrellas Shines April 14
Joseph Ocampo In Joseph Ocampo's family, he is a bright, shining star. A sophomore at UC San Diego, Ocampo is the first in his family to attend a four-year university and has great plans for making a difference in the world. Ocampo will be honored as one of UC San Diego's outstanding student "stars" at the 14th annual Fiesta de las Estrellas scholarship benefit hosted by the UC San Diego Hispanic Scholarship Council. More arrow

10,000 Visit Campus for Admit Day
Admit Day
They got to explore the UC San Diego campus, learn about student life and academic departments and take a snapshot of the undergraduate experience on campus. In all, nearly 10,000 visitors attended Admit Day, Saturday on the UCSD campus. More arrow

Hookah Use Among Teens in
San Diego County Rivals Use of Cigarettes

An alternative and harmful form of tobacco use known as the hookah or water pipe may be spreading among youth in the United States, according to researchers from UC San Diego and San Diego State University. This trend is emerging even as cigarette smoking among high school students is on the decline nationally. The team of researchers examined patterns of use, risk perception and psychosocial risk factors among users, former users and nonusers of hookah at three San Diego high schools. More arrow

Structure Formed by Strep
Protein Can Trigger Toxic Shock

Strep ProteinInfection with some strains of strep turn deadly when a protein found on their surface triggers a widespread inflammatory reaction. In a report published April 7 in the journal Nature, UC San Diego researchers describe the precise architecture of a superstructure formed when a bacterial protein called M1 links with a host protein, fibrinogen, that is normally involved in clotting blood. More arrow

Engineers Test and Predict
Impact Damage to Commercial Aircraft

Commercial Aircraft Hail, ice, and ground service equipment vehicles can cause severe—but hard to detect—damage to components of commercial aircraft made of composite materials. Airlines, aircraft manufactures and academic researchers are working to develop new ways to detect this type of damage. More arrow

Rejuvenating Electron Microscopy
Rejuvenating Electron
Modifying a protein from a plant much favored by science, researchers at the School of Medicine and colleagues have created a new type of genetic tag visible under an electron microscope, illuminating life in never-before-seen detail. Led by Nobel laureate Roger Tsien, a team of scientists radically re-engineered a light-absorbing protein from the cress plant Arabidopsis thaliana. When exposed to blue light, the altered protein produces abundant singlet oxygen, a form of molecular oxygen that can be made visible by electron microscopy. More arrow

Baldwin New Play Festival Nurtures Theatrical Talent
Festival NurturesIn 1999, Ken and Ginger Baldwin had an idea: to donate funds to create an annual play festival that brought to the stage the work of the MFA playwrights in the department of theatre and dance. Now, each year, four to five playwrights work long into the night writing plays that will become fully realized on the stage in UC San Diego's Baldwin New Play Festival. More arrow

Silent Witness: Gonzales-Day
Work on View at the University Art Gallery

Silent WitnessThe denial of suffering is a prevalent theme in Ken Gonzales-Day's research and art practice. His photographs showcase historical western lynching sites, but this dark subject matter is not obvious at first glance because his pieces do not include bodies of the victims. The artist explains that "the missing body is about not wanting to re-victimize these people." Gonzales-Day explores the history of lynchings in a solo exhibition currently on view at the University Art Gallery. More arrow

New Public Artworks Unveiled
at Thurgood Marshall College

El BarcoBe sure to catch "Boat/El Barco," a captivating new public artwork recently unveiled on the campus of Thurgood Marshall College. In celebration of Thurgood Marshall College's 40th anniversary and UCSD's 50th anniversary, Thurgood Marshall College is presenting the final public arts commission installation by award-winning visual artist Robin Sanford Roberts. More arrow

UCSD-TV Takes Aurora Awards
for UCSD@50 and Diabetes Programs

Aurora AwardsTwo UCSD-TV produced programs, “UCSD@50″ and "Taking Control of Your Diabetes,” have received Aurora Awards. Taking top honors with the Platinum Best of Show Award in the News Magazine/Interview category is the November 2010 edition of “UCSD@50,” UCSD-TV's yearlong magazine program honoring UC San Diego's 50th anniversary. More arrow


Former Harvard President
to Lecture on College Education Challenges

Prof. Harry Bok The New York Times once said: "We have, alas, all too few wise people in our media-saturated and celebrity-driven public life. Derek Bok is one of them." Former Harvard University president Bok will speak on "Can Undergraduate Education Meet the Challenges of the 21st Century?" at 7 p.m. April 26 in the Price Center Ballroom East. The event is free and open to the public with no tickets or reservations required. More arrow

More Headlines

Call of the Riled

Changing the Face of Scientific
Visualization and Collaboration

Vision Loss in Eye Disease Slowed
Using Novel Encapsulated Cell Therapy

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Global Data Consumption? 9,570,000,000,000,000,000,000 Bytes
TIME Magazine April 8

  arrow Brain Scans May Predict Alzheimer's in Some
MSNBC, April 6

  arrow Virgin Oceanic Plumbs the Depths for Science
Nature, April 8

  arrow The Architect Behind
UCSD's New Uber-green Housing

San Diego Union-Tribune, April 8


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April 11, 2011

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Chancellor's Corner

Q&A A Message from the Chancellor National Graduate Student Appreciation Week, commemorated last week, reminds us of the important and valuable role of our graduate students on our campus and in our community. They advance research, educate undergraduates, attract top faculty, enrich our workforce and contribute to the economy. Please join me in supporting and thanking our graduate students for their positive impact and stellar work.

Campus Notices

Speak Out Against More Budget Cuts for UCSD

50th Anniversary Signature Event — Green Open House

The Impact of a Government Shut-Down on Federally Funded Sponsored Research

Award Nominations for Women Faculty

At Work

Get Your Life Back in Shape with FitLife
Ready to change the way you look and feel? Join the expert team of fitness experts and a registered dietician to help you lose weight and sculpt your body. Classes conducted in a private setting in small groups for personalized attention. Participants will receive weekly exercise and nutritional guidelines. More arrow

Staff Education and Development Courses

Organizational Performance Management and Process Improvement
1:30 to 3:30 p.m.
Keyword search: organizationperform

CPR: Heartsaver
Cardiac Life Support

9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Keyword search: cprheart

Investment Basics
8:30 to 10 a.m.
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What's Happening
Green House

Green Open House
10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
April 16

Earth Week

Earth Week
April 18 - 22

Research Expo

Research Expo at the UCSD Jacobs School of Engineering
12:30 to 7:30 p.m.
April 14, 2011
Price Center

Decline and Fall

The Decline and Fall of Bees: Pollinators in Peril
April 19, 2011
Biomedical Library

Grunion Run

Grunion Run
10:30 p.m.
April 19 - 20, 2011
Birch Aquarium

Blue Planet Blues

Blue Planet Blues
April 4 - May 31
UC San Diego Arts Library


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You Do The Math

$500 million = Gov. Brown's proposed budget cut to the UC system

57 = percentage decline in UC student support from the state of California since 1990

55 = percentage of undergraduate students who need financial aid to attend UC San Diego

$50 million = goal of UC San Diego's Invent the Future campaign

32 = percentage of the fee increase for all UC students

16 = percentage of UC San Diego graduate students who receive fellowships

Faculty Authors

The Copyright Thing
Doesn't Work Here

By Boatema Boateng

In The Copyright Thing Doesn't Work Here, Boatema Boateng focuses on the appropriation and protection of adinkra and kente cloth in order to examine the broader implications of the use of intellectual property law to preserve folklore and other traditional forms of knowledge. Boateng investigates the compatibility of indigenous practices of authorship and ownership with those established under intellectual property law, considering the ways in which both are responses to the changing social and historical conditions of decolonization and globalization.
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