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  • Former Chair of UC San Diego Physics Department and Nobel-Prize-Winner Walter Kohn Dies

    Walter Kohn, one of the founding faculty members of the Department of Physics at UC San Diego who received the 1998 Nobel Prize in Chemistry while a professor at UC Santa Barbara, died at his home in Santa Barbara of cancer on April 19. He was 93.

  • Say ‘Cheese’

    While many microbiologists build entire research careers around studies of a single microorganism, Rachel Dutton has taken her career in the other direction—examining collections of microbes, but with an unusual twist. She studies what grows on cheese.

  • Biologists Discover New Strategy to Treat Central Nervous System Injury

    Neurobiologists at UC San Diego have discovered how signals that orchestrate the construction of the nervous system also influence recovery after traumatic injury. They also found that manipulating these signals can enhance the return of function.

  • Two UC San Diego Professors Named Fellows to Prestigious Math Society

    Two professors at UC San Diego have been named 2016 Fellows of the Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics “for their distinguished contributions to the disciplines of applied mathematics, computational science and related fields.”

  • Beach Replenishment May Have ‘Far Reaching’ Impacts on Ecosystems

    UC San Diego biologists who examined the biological impact of replenishing eroded beaches with offshore sand found that such beach replenishment efforts could have long-term negative impacts on coastal ecosystems.

  • Biologists Discover Sophisticated “Alarm” Signals in Honey Bees

    Biologists at UC San Diego and in China found that an Asian species of honey bee can produce different types of vibrational “stop signals” when attacked by giant Asian hornets.