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  • UC San Diego’s Algae Biofuels Program Ranked Best in Nation

    The U.S. Department of Energy has ranked UC San Diego’s algae biofuels research effort the number one program in the nation for the fourth consecutive year.

  • $40 Million Observatory to Search for Signals from Early Universe

    In an effort to probe the first few moments of time after the Big Bang some 13.8 billion years ago, a consortium of researchers, including astrophysicists from the University of California San Diego, is planning a new observatory in Chile’s Atacama Desert to measure the cosmic microwave background,…

  • Researchers Develop New Way to Explore Mathematical Universe

    An international group of mathematicians at UC San Diego and other institutions has produced a new kind of online resource to help discover uncharted mathematical worlds.

  • New Tool Allows Scientists to Visualize ‘Nanoscale’ Processes

    Chemists at UC San Diego have developed a new tool that allows scientists for the first time to see, at the scale of five billionths of a meter, “nanoscale” mixing processes occurring in liquids.

  • How DNA Can Take on the Properties of Sand or Toothpaste

    When does DNA behave like sand or toothpaste? When the genetic material is so densely packed within a virus, it can behave like grains of sand or toothpaste in a tube. That’s essentially what biophysicists at UC San Diego discovered when they began closely examining the physical properties of DNA jammed…

  • ‘Adaptive Protein Crystal’ Could Form New Kind of Protective Material

    Chemists at UC San Diego have created an “adaptive protein crystal” with a counterintuitive and potentially useful property: When stretched in one direction, the material thickens in the perpendicular direction, rather than thinning as familiar materials do. And when squeezed in one dimension, it…

  • Three Earth-Sized Planets Found Orbiting a Tiny Nearby Star

    An international team of astronomers composed of UC San Diego astrophysicists has discovered three Earth-sized planets orbiting near the “habitable zone” of an ultracool dwarf star, the first planets ever discovered around such a tiny and dim star.

  • Former Chair of UC San Diego Physics Department and Nobel-Prize-Winner Walter Kohn Dies

    Walter Kohn, one of the founding faculty members of the Department of Physics at UC San Diego who received the 1998 Nobel Prize in Chemistry while a professor at UC Santa Barbara, died at his home in Santa Barbara of cancer on April 19. He was 93.

  • Say ‘Cheese’

    While many microbiologists build entire research careers around studies of a single microorganism, Rachel Dutton has taken her career in the other direction—examining collections of microbes, but with an unusual twist. She studies what grows on cheese.