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  • Prominent UC San Diego Physicist and Dean Dies at 92

    Marvin L. "Murph" Goldberger, an emeritus professor of physics who was dean of UC San Diego’s Division of Natural Sciences from 1994 to 1999, following a prominent career that included working on the Manhattan Project and serving as the president of Caltech, died Nov. 26 in La Jolla. He was 92.

  • York Hall Science Labs Get $6.5 Million Makeover to Help Students Graduate in Four Years

    Four undergraduate teaching laboratories for biology and chemistry students have undergone a $6.5 million makeover as part of implementation of the UC San Diego Strategic Plan. The renovated labs in York Hall will eliminate a key barrier to students accessing impacted laboratory science courses—making…

  • Physicists Solve Longstanding Puzzle of How Moths Find Distant Mates

    Physicists have come up have with a mathematical explanation for moths’ remarkable ability to find mates in the dark hundreds of meters away.

  • Moderate Levels of ‘Free Radicals’ Found Beneficial to Healing Wounds

    Long assumed to be destructive to tissues and cells, “free radicals” generated by the cell’s mitochondria—the energy producing structures in the cell—are actually beneficial to healing wounds. That’s the conclusion of biologists at UC San Diego who discovered that “reactive oxygen species”—chemically…

  • Former UC San Diego Professor Wins 2014 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

    William E. Moerner, one of three scientists who this week were named winners of the 2014 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, first applied his Nobel Prize-winning discovery to biological problems while working in the basement of Urey Hall as a professor of chemistry and biochemistry at UC San Diego from 1995 to…

  • New Genetic ‘Operating System’ Facilitated Evolution of ‘Bilateral’ Animals

    The evolution of worms, insects, vertebrates and other “bilateral” animals—those with distinct left and right sides—from less complex creatures like jellyfish and sea anemones with “radial” symmetry may have been facilitated by the emergence of a completely new "operating system" for controlling…

  • Four UC San Diego Teams Win NIH Grants from Obama’s BRAIN Initiative

    Four teams of scientists at UC San Diego will receive research grants from the National Institutes of Health that will help lay the groundwork for visualizing the circuits of the brain and how they work, the agency announced at a White House ceremony today.

  • Four UC San Diego Faculty Win ‘Early Concept’ Grants from Obama’s BRAIN Initiative

    Four scientists at UC San Diego are among 36 recipients nationwide who have been awarded early concept grants for brain research from the National Science Foundation, the agency announced today.

  • Study Suggests Disruptive Effects of Anesthesia on Brain Cell Connections Are Temporary

    A study of juvenile rat brain cells suggests that the effects of a commonly used anesthetic drug on the connections between brain cells are temporary.