New Vice Chancellor for Marine Sciences Creates Vision for Scripps Institution of Oceanography

On Oct. 1, UC San Diego welcomed Margaret Leinen as vice chancellor for Marine Sciences, director of Scripps Institution of Oceanography, and dean of the School of Marine Sciences. Leinen is a highly distinguished, award-winning oceanographer and an accomplished executive with extensive national and international experience in ocean science, global climate and environmental issues, federal research administration, and non-profit startups.

October 24, 2013Q and A, SIO, Scripps Oceanography, Q & A

Albert P. Pisano Joins UC San Diego as Dean of Jacobs School of Engineering

When Albert “Al” P. Pisano, the new dean of the Jacobs School of Engineering, recently described UC San Diego, he said, “This is a campus of energy. It’s a campus of surging forward. It’s a campus of collaboration. This campus feels like home to me. I think it’s a great place, and I’m very happy to be here.”

October 17, 2013Q and A, Jacobs School of Engineering, Q & A

New Dean of Biological Sciences Seeks to Improve Undergraduate Experience

Biology majors and students taking undergraduate biology courses will see some new changes to improve the undergraduate experience this year, according to William (Bill) McGinnis, who was recently named dean of the Division of Biological Sciences.

October 10, 2013Q and A, Science and Engineering, Science & Engineering, Q & A

Biology of Time Change

On March 10, clocks across the United States will be moved forward one hour, shifting an hour of daylight from the morning to the evening. It’s a time when many of us feel fatigued and listless. And it’s not just because of that lost hour of sleep.

March 07, 2013Q and A, Science and Engineering, Science & Engineering, Biological Sciences, Q & A

Q&A with Linda S. Greene

After an extensive national search, the UC Regents approved the appointment of Linda S. Greene, the Evjue-Bascom Professor of Law at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, as UC San Diego’s first Vice Chancellor of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. Greene will lead the development of a diversity strategic plan for UC San Diego.

September 27, 2012Q and A, Q & A

Q&A with Marye Anne Fox

Marye Anne Fox will step down as Chancellor at the end of July after eight years of leadership service at UC San Diego. She has led our campus during a historic era of extraordinary growth and unprecedented financial challenges. She has assembled a diverse leadership team and set a visionary course for our future. Under her leadership, UC San Diego successfully completed a billion-dollar capital campaign, celebrated the campus’s 50th anniversary, enhanced the campus climate, and expanded at a record-setting pace to accommodate increasing numbers of students and a billion-dollar research enterprise. In this interview, she reflects on her time as Chancellor and talks about what’s next for her and the campus.

June 19, 2012Q and A, Q & A

Q&A with Garron Engstrom

Student involvement on campus can lead to more than just a great college experience. It can also lead to a job. Garron Engstrom is a prime example. He graduated last year with a degree in cognitive science and now works as an Interaction Designer at Mitchell International in San Diego. In this interview, he talks about how his work as a student ambassador led him to his current position, and he also offers advice for new graduates.

June 05, 2012Q and A, Q & A

Q&A with Brian Schottlaender

Thousands of students, faculty, staff and community members use the UC San Diego Libraries every day. The Libraries provide more than 7 million digital and print volumes, journals and multimedia materials, and its resources and services are accessed on the Web almost 90,000 times a day. Ever-evolving shifts in user needs and the continuous decline in state funding, have led the Libraries to implement a number of changes, including the consolidation of some library buildings and collections.

May 22, 2012Q and A, Q & A

Q&A with Angela Fang

Angela Fang says just thinking about starting college makes her positively giddy, especially because she’s about to become a UC San Diego Triton. She is currently a high school senior at The Preuss School, so she is very familiar with campus.

April 30, 2012Q and A, Q & A

Q&A with John Wixted

Fascinating is the right word. In fact, it would be fair to say that I am infatuated with my research. I guess what I find fascinating about psychology is the constant experience of discovering that the way the mind works is even more interesting than our best theories assume.

April 17, 2012Q and A, Q & A

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