Qualcomm Institute Experiments with New Models for Blended and Online Courses

In 2013, Qualcomm Institute director Ramesh Rao extended an offer to provide support for development of as many as 10 massive open online courses (MOOCs) – especially those experimenting with different types of online course production and delivery.

April 16, 2014General, Science & Engineering, Social Sciences

Computer Software Accurately Predicts Student Test Performance

The University of California, San Diego and Emotient, the leading provider of facial expression recognition data and analysis, announced publication of a joint study by two Emotient co-founders affiliated with UC San Diego, together with researchers from Virginia Commonwealth University and Virginia State University.

April 15, 2014General, Science & Engineering, Alumni

Engineers develop new materials for hydrogen storage

Engineers at the University of California, San Diego, have created new ceramic materials that could be used to store hydrogen safely and efficiently.

April 15, 2014General, Science & Engineering

UC San Diego Alumnus and Research Scientist Honored with DRI Nevada Medal

Albert Yu-Min Lin may now be even better known in Nevada than he is in his home state of California. The research scientist from the Qualcomm Institute at the University of California, San Diego was in Nevada in late March to accept the 27th Desert Research Institute (DRI) Nevada Medal.

April 15, 2014General, Science & Engineering, Alumni, Awards, Honors & Appointments

Biologists Develop Nanosensors to Visualize Movements and Distribution of Plant Stress Hormone

Biologists at UC San Diego have succeeded in visualizing the movement within plants of a key hormone responsible for growth and resistance to drought. The achievement will allow researchers to conduct further studies to determine how the hormone helps plants respond to drought and other environmental stresses driven by the continuing increase in the atmosphere’s carbon dioxide, or CO2, concentration.

April 15, 2014Science and Engineering, Research, Science & Engineering

The Mechanism of Short-Term Memory

Insel’s quote appeared in a National Institutes of Health (NIH) press release that described a newly published study of monkeys in the journal Science, where researchers for the first time found that in-sync large-scale brain waves affecting various regions of the brain hold memories of objects just viewed. “This study provides more evidence that large-scale electrical oscillations across distant brain regions may carry information for visual memories,” added Insel.

April 14, 2014Health & Medicine, Science & Engineering

Hybrid Projects Begin to Bloom as Visual Artists, Engineers Collaborate

Gigantic corpse flowers take their name from the rotting stench they emit when they bloom – a two-day spectacle that only happens every few years. Very few of us will ever see or smell one in person. But in a UC San Diego department of visual arts research lab, artist MR Barnadas is creating life-size models of two varieties of the plant, which can grow to 10 feet tall or more.

April 10, 2014Arts & Culture, Science & Engineering

UC San Diego Researchers Develop Bacterial ‘FM Radio’

A team of UC San Diego biologists and engineers has developed a "rapid and tunable post-translational coupling for genetic circuits."

April 09, 2014General, Research, Science & Engineering

SDSC Enables Large-Scale Data Sharing Using Globus

The San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) at the University of California, San Diego, has implemented a new feature of the Globus software that will allow researchers using the Center’s computational and storage resources to easily and securely access and share large data sets with colleagues.

April 07, 2014General, Research, Science & Engineering, SDSC

Engineering a New Biomaterial Therapy for Treating Heart Attacks

University of California, San Diego bioengineer Karen Christman's new injectable hydrogel, which is designed to repair damaged cardiac tissue following a heart attack, has been licensed to San Diego-based startup Ventrix, Inc, which is planning the first human clinical trials of the technology. Christman is a co-founder of Ventrix.

April 07, 2014General, Health & Medicine, Research, Science & Engineering, Alumni

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