Running Hot and Cold in the Deep Sea: Scientists Explore Rare Environment

Among the many intriguing aspects of the deep sea, Earth’s largest ecosystem, exist environments known as hydrothermal vent systems where hot water surges out from the seafloor. On the flipside the deep sea also features cold areas where methane rises from “seeps” on the ocean bottom.

March 06, 2012Science and Engineering, SIO, Science & Engineering, Scripps Oceanography

SDSC Announces 2012 Internship Opportunities for High School Students

The San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) at the University of California, San Diego, is holding a volunteer internship program for high school students this summer to assist them in gaining experience in a particular area of computational research.

March 06, 2012General, On Campus, Science and Engineering, SDSC, Campus & Community, Science & Engineering, SDSC

UC San Diego in the Hall of the Lost Da Vinci

Why are the UC San Diego name and logo prominently displayed across one of the most famous walls in Florence? It is a story that starts more than five hundred years ago, when a Leonardo Da Vinci mural of the ‘Battle of Anghiari’ was painted on the wall of the Salone dei Cinquecento (the Hall of the Five Hundred).

March 06, 2012General, Science and Engineering, Science & Engineering

Animal Encounters, Augmented Reality and More to be Featured at San Diego Festival of Science

Where can you touch a real shark egg case, build a circuit and extract your own DNA? Or get a behind-the-scenes look at how computer chips are made and the future of augmented reality technology?

March 06, 2012Events, General, Science and Engineering, Science & Engineering, Events

Students Use Engineering Know-how to Help People at Home and a World Away

A small village in the Philippines will soon be safer from typhoons, thanks to the work of a group of undergraduates at the Jacobs School of Engineering at University of California, San Diego. They are designing a model home for the village that uses new and sustainable technologies and will make the dwelling stronger against both typhoons and earthquakes. But the students won’t stop there. They also want to provide the village with safer drinking water and renewable energy.

March 06, 2012Science and Engineering, Science & Engineering

UC San Diego Women’s Basketball Team Awarded No. 1 Seed in NCAA Division II West Regional Field

After recording an overall record of 28-2 and winning a third California Collegiate Athletic Association regular season title in the last four years, the UC San Diego women's basketball team was awarded the No. 1 seed in the 2012 NCAA Division II West Regional Field, it was announced on Sunday.

March 06, 2012Athletics, Athletics

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