Q&A with Tony Jackson

Tony Jackson is in the business of helping people. As an emergency room physician in Los Angeles, he saves lives. As a UC San Diego alumnus and volunteer recruiter for the university, he helps students succeed. He believes it's in his genes to educate and mentor people. After all, he is the great-grandson of Booker T. Washington. Jackson has organized numerous trips for underrepresented students in Los Angeles to visit UC San Diego and he says he enjoys guiding young students to the campus that he loves. Jackson also serves on the UC San Diego Alumni Board and is co-chair of the Campus Climate Council.

March 14, 2011Q and A, Q & A

Spotlight on Sloan Research Fellows

Jennifer Cha is a professor in the Department of NanoEngineering. Her laboratory is focused on using biological and chemical approaches to assemble nanoscale materials. Due to their unique electronic, optical, and mechanical properties, nanoscale materials have been heavily explored for applications that range from medicine to electronics to energy. More…

March 14, 2011Faculty Research, Research

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