Q&A with Sandra Brown

As the new Vice Chancellor for Research, Sandra Brown oversees an office responsible for many of the university's key functions, including Organized Research Units, contracts & grants, technology transfer, animal care and welfare, research ethics and postdoctoral scholars, among others. A professor and researcher herself, she knows firsthand both the rewards and challenges of UC San Diego's research enterprise. She was appointed to her position in December 2010, just after the university surpassed $1 billion in research funding for the first time, a milestone that included bringing in more federal stimulus dollars than any other UC campus. In this interview, she talks about why research is an integral part of UC San Diego's mission and 50-year history, and what's next for the Office of Research Affairs.

May 16, 2011Q and A, Q & A

Spotlight on Faculty Research: Center for Human Development

Farrell Ackerman is a professor in the Department of Linguistics. Recently, he has been working on the description and theoretical analysis of an underdocumented Kordofanian language, Moro, spoken in Sudan.

May 16, 2011Faculty Research, Research

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