Q&A with Steffanie Strathdee

After losing a college professor to AIDS, and later close friends to the disease, Steffanie Strathdee has dedicated herself to HIV-prevention and research. Now the Associate Dean of Global Health Sciences and Director of the Global Health Initiative at UC San Diego, she is focused on enhancing collaboration and communication among global health researchers on campus. She remains engaged in a number of HIV prevention research projects and training programs in international settings including Mexico, India, Canada and Afghanistan, and she leads three NIH-funded studies about HIV risk behavior. In addition, she is a Harold Simon Professor and Chief of the Division of Global Public Health in the Department of Medicine. In this interview, she talks about her research, the importance of collaboration in addressing global health issues, and how she and others at UC San Diego are taking action.

April 18, 2011Q and A, Q & A

Spotlight on Faculty Research: Sustainability

Richard Carson is a professor of economics. He specializes in environmental and natural resource economics. He has worked on issues related to air pollution, energy, growth management, natural disasters, non-market valuation and water. He also works in the areas of econometrics and consumer marketing.

April 18, 2011Faculty Research, Research

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