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Chancellor Shares Strategic Plan Outcomes at Town Hall

Photo by Erik Jepsen/UC San Diego Publications

Strategic Plan Update

Next Town Hall Meeting — Strategic Plan Outcomes

Date: Thursday, May 22 from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m.

Location: UC San Diego Medical Center – Hillcrest, Inpatient Tower 1-128 Auditorium

A New Mission and Vision

The strategic planning process also gave birth to a new mission and vision for the campus:

Mission: We will transform California and a diverse global society by educating; generating and disseminating knowledge and creative works; and engaging in public service.

Vision: Student-centered, research-focused, service-oriented public university.

UC San Diego is embarking on an era of transformation – one that will improve our campus and increase our societal impact – thanks to the collective creation of our first-ever Strategic Plan.

That was the message Chancellor Pradeep K. Khosla shared at the April 24 Town Hall at the Faculty Club, where he outlined the five goals and 13 strategies that emerged in the Strategic Plan and talked about the investments that have already been made to support our new vision.

“Our goals are ambitious and they will guide us as we redefine what it means to be a public research university,” said Khosla. “As we evolve, we must continue to rethink how we do things, how we teach and how we research, so we can continue to break boundaries, advance knowledge and benefit our world.”

The Chancellor explained that numerous actions have already been taken to support the plan’s goals. These include:

  • A commitment to hire 80 net new full-time faculty over three years, including 20 joint positions to spur multi-disciplinary research;
  • Investing in 100 seed grants for interdisciplinary projects that pair faculty with students;
  • Strengthening the partnership between Career Services Center and Alumni and Community Engagement;
  • Identifying four grand research themes that define the direction of UC San Diego research;
  • Establishing Graduate Student Growth and Excellence Initiative to increase support for Ph.D. students and collaborative research and enhance the quality of our graduate programs;
  • Creating and expanding the Chancellor’s Associates Scholarship program;
  • Reviewing and reorganizing administrative structure;
  • Evaluating existing revenue sources, and reviewing current budget and resource allocation model.

You can read more about the early actions taken in the Strategic Plan Executive Summary and the Chancellor’s Town Hall PowerPoint presentation.

Town Hall attendees were optimistic about the Strategic Plan. LaWana Richmond, senior business analyst, Business and Financial Services, said, “I am excited about the vision the Chancellor shared with us as well as the steps already taken in support of that vision.” The past chair, ex-officio of the Staff Association added, “I appreciate his prioritization of diversity for students and faculty and I am hopeful that this will also favorably impact staff.”

Kelly Aranaz, senior administrative analyst, Office of the Controller, said, “I like how the Chancellor tied the university’s connection to the community together. He really showed the direct impact that the campus can have on our local and global communities.”

Judith Dolan, professor of costume design in the UC San Diego department of theatre and dance, said, “This was a big challenge for the Chancellor … considering all views, a variety of conversations and more to come up with one plan. He had a holistic sensibility to get on board with the many avenues that are open. I hope that the creative approach and focus on multidisciplinary research will take hold. I come away very positive, and it made me think of opportunities I hadn’t thought of before.”

Khosla concluded the Town Hall with an assurance that the strategic plan commitment doesn’t end now that the outcomes have been revealed – it is a living document that will guide UC San Diego’s future decisions and priorities. He noted that open dialogue will continue and success will be measured by our accomplishments and the resulting impacts as we achieve our stated goals.

Other Audience Feedback

  • “I’ve been an ardent supporter of the strategic business planning process and am 100 percent on-board with our goals and strategies,” said Meredyth Potter, marketing manager at the UC San Diego bookstore. “Collaborating willingly and being held accountable will accomplish great things for UC San Diego. We’ll look back a few years from now and say that writing the plan was the easy part.”
  • “The ‘student-centered’ facet of the plan – the emphasis on it – is most meaningful to me,” said Gretchen Pelletier, senior writer-donor relations, Development. “It feels like we’re finally elevating its importance to the level of the research side of our mission. I am concerned about access for middle-income kids, especially. Collaborating with community colleges will help.”
  • “I think it is a very impressive vision to reach out to the community and show what kind of impact UC San Diego has on region,” noted Chuck Morgan, assistant director in Facilities Management.
  • "I was impressed by the breadth of issues that the strategic plan intends to tackle with a very realistic approach,” said Katie Lee, webmaster, dean’s office, Biological Sciences. “As an alumna and current staff member, as well as a San Diego native, it was really heartening to hear the commitment that Khosla has to improving the student experience, the impact on the San Diego region, and the quality of experiences for all members of the campus community."
  • "I appreciate the clarity of direction the chancellor provided as he outlined the Strategic Plan goals and strategies, and also his encouragement to interpret the plan within the scope of every individual’s work," added Paulyne Becerra, senior director, Development and Community Engagement.