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Students Learn About Abundant Campus Resources at Student Services Fair

Photo by Erik Jepsen/UC San Diego Publications

New students poured onto Ridgewalk Monday afternoon for the premier resource fair of Welcome Week. The annual fair traditionally follows the Triton Power Hour and showcases UC San Diego’s various academic majors, recreation clubs, athletics and several central services.

From the women’s rowing club to the campus’s Omsbuds Office and the Division of Biological Sciences–– the event allowed new and continuing students to learn about the myriad opportunities offered at UC San Diego.

For Eric Sumida, a new transfer student from Grossmont College, the fair was just a sampling of the size and scope of UC San Diego. “I am still finding way around,” he said. “This campus is huge, so it’s great to be here to see all the resources that are available.”

Senior Ally Cesar, a student employee for ArtPower!, said the fair was an unique opportunity to promote the various programming offered by ArtPower! “It’s nice to see new people interested in what we’re doing and all the events we have going on,” Cesar said. “So far, all the responses from students have been positive.”