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UC San Diego Annual Report 2013 Now Available Online

Photo by Erik Jepsen/UC San Diego Publications

Hot off the campus press are online and print editions of UC San Diego’s Annual Report 2013. Combining current facts and figures with compelling stories of the university community, the yearly publication has become a powerful marketing and promotion tool for many campus sectors. In addition to financial statements covering the entire university and attachments to the UC San Diego Foundation financials for fiscal year 2011-12, the report highlights campus accomplishments and contributions.

“UC San Diego’s annual financial report provides an in-depth look at our groundbreaking academic and research achievements, and profiles generous campus donors and notable alumni,” said Chancellor Pradeep K. Khosla. “It also offers intriguing glimpses of student life—both in and out of the classroom.”

This year’s book coincides with the arrival of Khosla as UC San Diego’s eighth chancellor. Mindful of the university’s collaborative culture, he quickly initiated a bottom-up strategic planning effort for the entire campus. Read about new academic directions, the chancellor’s first 100 days, and how you can get involved with the planning process.

Annual Report from UCSD Alumni Available as iBook

For the past three years, the alumni association has produced its own annual report. The 2011-12 Annual Report from UCSD Alumni was distributed to alumni donors and friends in December and is also available as an iBook []. The iBook format was added this year to target a broader audience. UCSD Alumni, with more than 145,000 members, represents a powerful group of advocates and ambassadors for the campus.

Suresh Subramani, executive vice chancellor of Academic Affairs, provided valuable input for the book’s introduction, including information on four transformative research initiatives that are interdisciplinary, assure a competitive advantage for the campus, and focus on major societal problems. They are the Center for Educational Excellence, the Advanced Energy Technology Initiative, the Design Initiative and the focus on Quantitative Biology.

The storytelling section of the annual report includes “Salute to Sacrifice,” which explains how alumni and other donors are bridging the financial gap for post-9/11 veterans pursuing an undergraduate degree. You can also read about the Tritons water polo team who traveled to Croatia to test their skills against world-class international players. Meanwhile, back home, the Summer Research Conference showcased UC San Diego as the place to be for faculty-mentored, undergraduate research.

Three academic years of record research funding at UC San Diego are evidently paying off. A story about electronic tattoos describes the pioneering work of bioengineering professor Todd Coleman in developing wearable patches to continuously monitor patients, including expectant mothers. “Q-Bio Rising” depicts an emerging multidisciplinary field to predict the behavior of living organisms.

The human hunger for information seems to have no limit. Read “Big Data” to learn about multiple projects at UC San Diego to improve large-data collection and analysis while trimming the cost. UC San Diego had the world’s first cognitive science department. “Exploring the Valleys of the Mind” explains how the department continues to break new ground on human cognition—including the human imagination—by drawing upon the creative worlds of arts and media.

The 2013 Annual Report was published by Steven W. Relyea, vice chancellor for External and Business affairs.