Press Clips

UCSD Recruits Expert on Zombies

U-T San Diego, April 14 | read

Asian Cultural Council Divides the Prize for Rockefeller Awards

New York Times, April 14 | read

Scientists Set to Roam the World

U-T San Diego, April 13 | read

Showcasing UCSD’s Theater Aces

U-T San Diego, April 11 | read

Prepping for Zero Gravity: Anti-Barf Briefings and Last-Minute Practice, April 10 | read

College Students to Spark Zero-Gravity Fires for Science This Week

Yahoo News, April 9 | read

San Diego Scientists Offer Free Online Course On Climate Change

KPBS, April 8 | read

California’s Meager Snowpack will Exacerbate a Dangerous Drought

Slate, April 8 | read

Insights Into Causes of Autism Grow

U-T San Diego, April 5 | read

Budding Musicians Plant Seeds for Springfest 2014 at UCSD

La Jolla Light, April 2 | read

What World War I Can Tell Us About International Commerce and War Today

Washington Post, April 1 | read

Is the American Middle Class Losing Out to China and India?

New York Times, April 1 | read

UCSD Undergrad Wins $10K Microsoft Award for Social Change App

India West, March 30 | read

Facebook Friends’ Emotions Are Contagious - Good and Bad

SF Chronicle, March 26 | read

A Physicist’s Search for the Big Bang

U-T San Diego, March 23 | read

Scientists See ‘Fingerprint’ of Big Bang

U-T San Diego, March 17 | read

UC San Diego Expands Scholarship Offer

U-T San Diego, March 17 | read

Millions Searching for Plane Thanks to UCSD Alum

CBS, March 16 | read

Making Tech Transfer Work for Universities

U-T San Diego, March 16 | read

Emotions Vented Online Are Contagious, Study Finds

Wall Street Journal, March 12 | read

Now You Can Hunt for Flight 370

The Daily Beast, March 12 | read

San Diego Science Whiz Kid Wins $100K

U-T San Diego, March 11 | read

U.S. Graduate Schools Ranked

U-T San Diego, March 11 | read

Time to Learn About Your Microbiome

U-T San Diego, March 9 | read

At Night, the Ocean Cleanses Smoggy Air, Study Suggests

LA Times, March 6 | read

Future of Gene Study Expands

U-T San Dieg, March 5 | read

A Genetic Entrepreneur Sets His Sights on Aging and Death

The New York Times, March 4 | read

Mindful Meditation at School Gives Kids Tools for Emotional Expression

Chicago Tribune, February 28 | read

UCSD Scientist Awarded French Legion of Honor

U-T San Diego, February 27 | read

New Window into Dr. Seuss’ Genius

U-T San Diego, February 26 | read

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