Press Clips

The Science of Selfies: A Five-City Comparison

National Geographic, February 26 | read

Students Make Time for Special ‘Courses’

U-T San Diego, February 24 | read

Why Big Cities So Often Lose in State Legislatures

Washington Post, February 24 | read

Lizotte is Polo Scoring Machine at UCSD

U-T San Diego, February 20 | read

China’s Way to Happiness

Huffington Post, February 20 | read

$220 Million Proton Center Open for Business

U-T San Diego, February 19 | read

UCSD to Hold Memorial for Alumnus, Actor James Avery

NBC San Diego, February 13 | read

UC San Diego Center Aims To Improve Both Human And Animal Health

KPBS, February 19 | read

UC is Set to Replace San Diego Pier for Ocean Research Ships

LA Times, February 16 | read

Global Warming: Ice Loss Makes Arctic Itself a Bigger Climate Changer

Christian Science Monitor, February 18 | read

UCSD Professor To Lead Community Panel On Decommissioning San Onofre

KPBS, February 6 | read

Alzheimers Disease: Later Onset Means Slower Progression

Chicago Tribune, February 5 | read

Liang’s “Trans” transcendent in NY

U-T San Diego, February 4 | read

China’s Way to Happiness

New York Review of Books, February 4 | read

Schick Will Lead Ojai Festival in 2015

U-T San Diego, February 3 | read

Program Aims to Encourage Girls to Pursue Computer Sciences

Fox 5 San Diego, February 3 | read

California Drought: No Relief in Sight

The Guardian, February 3 | read

Past Provides Good Lessons for Future Mayor

U-T San Diego, February 1 | read

Ensuring Equal Access to Education

U-T San Diego, January 31 | read

AMA Chief Tells UCSD Med Students to be Good Stewards

U-T San Diego, January 30 | read

Beer 101 Is Serious Business in San Diego

KPBS, January 27 | read

UCSD Rings Up Sale in Toy Market

U-T San Diego, January 27 | read

UCSD Prof. Shines on Colbert Report

U-T San Diego, January 26 | read

Crowdsourcing A Living Map of World Health, January 22 | read

Let’s Review: UCSD Art Exhibit Forces You to Confront How You’re Feeling

La Jolla Light, January 22 | read

Feel A Little Guilty After That Doctor’s Visit? You’re Not Alone

The Huffington Post, January 22 | read

Scientists Face Frozen World in Antarctica

U-T San Diego, January 20 | read

Study: “Minimally Buzzed” Drivers Often Cause Fatal Crashes

NBC 7 San Diego, January 18 | read

Leaders Pledge to Boost Access to College

U-T San Diego, January 17 | read

Two UCSD scientists to be honored by Obama with Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists ...

La Jolla Light, January 16 | read

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