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UC San Diego’s Corrective/Punitive Actions Regarding the Women’s Crew NCAA Infractions

Following is a list of UC San Diego’s Corrective/Punitive Actions with regard to the Women’s Crew NCAA Infractions:

  • Termination of head coach and resignation of assistant coach. May 29, 2012.
  • Payment of a fine for participation by ineligible women’s crew student-athletes in the maximum amount of $2,500 – paid June 2013.
  • Change in reporting structure to spread out responsibilities for Spring sport supervision. September 2012.
  • Travel – revised policies and procedures to include pre- and post-travel eligibility checks (August 2012) and are working with ARMS (our department-wide compliance and recruiting database to include an electronic version of this in the future).
  • Added a required meeting for assistant coaches regarding bystander intervention techniques and reporting requirements. September 2012.
  • Vacated all results for the Women’s Crew program for the 2010-11 and 2011-12 year. Posted to website. April 2013.
  • We are working to implement by fall 2013 a code of conduct/department expectations requirement for all volunteer and limited time staff and student workers that includes an expectation on NCAA rules and reporting information. September 2013.
  • We are working to implement by fall 2013 a head coach control expectations document for signature by all head coaches annually (using NCAA Division I Bylaw expectations). September 2013.
  • Updated our policies and procedures in the area of Athletic Training and Sports Medicine to have a specific policy on Medicine Kits and the dispensing of any form of medications. This was discussed at the December 2012 Coaches Meeting, specifically reminding coaches that they should not be involved in dispensing any medications regardless of whether over the counter or prescription, and they should not be keeping any medications in the medicine kits. December 2012.
  • Updated talking points and small group discussions at New Student-Athlete Orientation to include bystander intervention training that works for reporting NCAA violations. September 2012.
  • Added to the script of the “First Team Meeting” information specific to prescription medications.
  • Added to the script of the “Student Services Meeting” information specific to reporting violations and also with regard to prescription medications.
  • Created form for Athletic Director to complete for each sport to ensure each sport supervisor has appropriately reviewed annual student-athlete evaluation forms. Implemented in the 2012-13 year.
  • Enhanced our ability to monitor recruiting activities through the implementation of a comprehensive department-wide database program (ARMS) 2012.  
  • Discussed specifically how to report violations at the January 2013 Coaches Meeting and added an additional mid-year review of violations. January 2013.

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