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A Sampling of Clips for Feb. 23, 2011


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With the World's Largest Antimatter Trap,
UCSD Scientists Aim to Trap a Trillion Positrons at Once

Popular Science, Feb. 22 -- Antimatter is a very fickle medium; infinitely interesting to study, it tends to disappear in a burst of gamma rays when it comes into contact with absolutely anything (anything that’s considered ordinary matter, anyhow). That property makes it difficult to get a good look at antimatter, so a team of researchers at the UC San Diego is building the world’s largest antimatter container.

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Future of Education? Droids Teaching Toddlers
MSNBC, Feb. 22 -- Robots could one day help teach kids in classrooms, suggests research involving droids and toddlers at UC San Diego. A robot named RUBI has already shown that it can significantly improve how well infants learn words, and the latest version of the bot under development should also be able to wheel around classrooms, too.

Why Are Americans So Ill-Informed on the Topic of Climate Change?
Scientific American, Feb. 23 -- As glaciers melt and island populations migrate from shores to escape rising seas, many scientists remain baffled as to why the research consensus on human-induced climate change remains contentious in the U.S. The frustration revealed itself during a handful of sessions at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Washington, D.C., this past weekend, and it came to a peak during a Friday session, “Science without borders and media unbounded.” (Quotes Naomi Oreskes, a UC San Diego science historian)

People with Emphysema at Higher Shingles Risk
Reuters, Feb. 22 -- People with emphysema or chronic bronchitis may be at higher than average risk for a painful rash known as shingles, a study published Tuesday suggests. (Quotes Dr. Michael Oxman at UC San Diego)

Analysis: Oil Spike 2008 All Over Again? Not for U.S. Economy
Reuters, Feb. 22 -- Don't panic. That was the message from Nobuo Tanaka, the executive director of the International Energy Agency, to those who fear it's 2008 all over again as unrest in oil-producing Libya pushes crude prices back up toward the triple digits. (Quotes James Hamilton, an economics professor at UC San Diego)

Shhhh! Quiet People at Work
NPR, Feb. 22 -- Whatever the reasons, there is a lot of talk about Justice Clarence Thomas' lack of talk. And much speculation about his speechlessness. But the truth is: There are Quiet People in all walks of life.  (Quotes Nicholas Christenfield, a psychology professor at UC San Diego)

Study Says More Vitamin D Reduces Cancer Risk
San Diego 6, Feb. 22 -- Only about 10 percent of Americans take in enough vitamin D each day to ward off breast cancer and other diseases, according to a study released Tuesday by UC San Diego's School of Medicine and Creighton University in Omaha, Neb.

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How Climate Change Models Could Get Better, Thanks to NASA
The Christian Science Monitor, Feb. 22 -- At 2:09 a.m. Pacific Standard Time Wednesday, NASA is launching a satellite named Glory on a mission that will give the most accurate measurements yet of incoming sunlight, as well as highly accurate measurements of the size, distribution, and effects of tiny particles in the atmosphere known as aerosols, planners say. (Quotes Veerabhadran Ramanathan, an atmospheric scientist at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in La Jolla, Calif., and a pioneer in the study of black-carbon soot's impact on climate)

UCSD Engineering Students Show Off Their Skills
NBC San Diego, Feb. 22 -- Budding engineering students from UC San Diego's Jacobs School of Engineering sharpened their skills and had a little fun at the popular E-games competition on Tuesday.

UCSD and Nederlander Concerts Reach Exclusive Deal
San Diego Union-Tribune, Feb. 22 -- UC San Diego will announce Wednesday an exclusive contract with Los Angeles-based Nederlander Concerts that could make the La Jolla campus a major destination for pop-music events.

Legislation to Ban Sale, Possession of Shark Fins In California
KPBS, Feb. 22 -- Legislation introduced in Sacramento would ensure that California ceases to be both a major supplier and consumer of shark fins through a ban on the possession, sale, trade, and distribution of fins. Dan Cartamil, post-doctoral researcher at Scripps Institution of Oceanography who has studied sharks and rays in Bahamas, Hawaii, and California, discusses the issue.

San Diego Mayor to Speak at North County Event
San Diego Union-Tribune, Feb. 22 -- San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders will be the keynote speaker at a State of the Region luncheon put on by the San Diego North Chamber of Commerce Thursday. Other speakers include Tom Jackiwicz, CEO of the UC San Diego Health Systems.

Don’t Let Fear Get in the Way of a Colonoscopy
San Diego Union-Tribune, Feb. 22 -- We asked Dr. William Sandborn, division chief for gastroenterology at the UC San Diego School of Medicine, why people tend to avoid the procedure, what they should know and why the mandatory preprocedure laxative tastes so terrible.

UCSD Swimming Teams Both Complete a Three-Peat
AOL News, Patch.com , Feb. 22 -- The UC San Diego men's and women's swimming and diving teams captured their third conference championship in a row on Saturday afternoon at the Pacific Collegiate Swim and Dive Conference Championships in Belmont Plaza Olympic Pool in Long Beach.


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