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A Sampling of Clips for 
May 07 - 09, 2005

UCSD faculty and staff may obtain a copy of an article by e-mailing the University Communications Office

San Francisco Wins Stem Cell Institute
Los Angeles Times, May 7-San Francisco won the hotly contested race to house the headquarters of California's new $3-billion stem cell institute Friday, a decision that Bay Area officials hope will cement a leading role for their region in cutting-edge biomedical research. (Refers to UCSD.) More

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Pig Molecule to Combat Superbugs
BBC News, May 6-UCSD scientists believe pigs could provide a new weapon to help fight off hospital infections, and maybe superbugs such as MRSA. More

Venture Capital Streams Into Internet Phone Company
New York Times, May 9-Vonage, the Internet telephone company, is expected to announce formally today that it has raised $200 million in new private investments, one of the largest single rounds of venture capital financing in the last decade. (Quote by Paul Kedrosky, a professor at UCSD who studies the venture capital industry.) More

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A Reluctance to Broach the Topic of Weight
Los Angeles Times, May 9-For parents, talking to girls about their size can be difficult. But with obesity on the rise, it must be done. (Quote by Howard Taras, a professor of pediatrics at the UCSD School of Medicine.) More

Mayor's Exit May Usher
in Era of Democrat Rule in San Diego

Boston Globe, May 8-Under the weight of a $2 billion pension scandal, San Diego Mayor Dick Murphy, a Republican, resigned last month, leaving behind a city with a plunging credit rating on Wall Street and the prospect it might declare bankruptcy. (Quote by Steven Erie, a professor of political science at UCSD.) More

Mineral Evidence Paints Life-Friendly Picture of early Earth
San Francisco Chronicle, May 7-Only a scant 200 million years after Earth was formed, our planet was already a watery world well suited for life to emerge, two scientists have concluded from fresh evidence they found in ancient microscopic minerals. (Quote by Gustaf Arrhenius, a researcher at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography.) More

Researchers Map Circuitry of Yeast Genes Using
that Could Be Applied to Humans
Medical News Today, May 9-Researchers at UCSD have invented a technique that organizes the genetic information contained in the 16 chromosomes of the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae into a wiring diagram resembling an electronic circuit board. More

UCSD: Health Care for the 21st Century
Voice of San Diego, Opinion, May 9-Every day, biomedical discoveries lead to new treatments and technologies that improve health and extend life. Medical progress demands that forward-thinking systems change their design for health care delivery, to ensure that the most advanced care is available to our growing, aging and increasingly diverse population. That is exactly what the UCSD Medical Center has done. More

The UCSD Vision of Health Care for San Diego Is Flawed
Voice of San Diego, Opinion, May 9-I am deeply concerned about the proposal by UCSD to close its Hillcrest hospital in order to expand hospital services in La Jolla at the East Campus, also known as UCSD Thornton Hospital. More

UCSD Forms Partnership with International Scholars
San Diego Daily Transcript, May 6-UCSD announced Friday a new partnership between scholars at its Institute for International, Comparative and Area Studies and the International Rescue Committee to evaluate international strategies toward states at risk, societies in which poverty and insecurity are worsened by governance and violent conflict. More

Talk Poet Reflects About Time
San Diego Union-Tribune, May 6-Talk poems is what David Antin calls the witty, philosophical, poignant and sometimes flat-out funny pieces in his new book, "i never knew what time it was." These are hardly his first such pieces. In fact, the professor emeritus of visual arts at UCSD has been writing them for nearly 35 years and garnering considerable acclaim along the way. More

Budding Bridge Hits a Skid
San Diego Union-Tribune, May 8-Looking like the world's biggest fishing pier, an unfinished bridge nearly a mile long juts over San Francisco Bay and then, in midair, just stops. (Refers to research by UCSD.) More

County Better off Welcoming Monitored
Sexual Predators Back into Communities

North County Times, Opinion, May 8-Rape and the sexual violation of children are of course very serious offenses. Convicted offenders can be punished harshly, with lengthy prison terms. Some of the less serious offenders are eventually released from prison. California is one of 14 states with Sexually Violent Predator (SVP) commitment statutes, which provide mental health treatment following completion of the prison term. (Article written by Alan A. Abrams, an associate clinical professor of psychiatry at UCSD.) More

Quincy Troupe Finds that there's Life After UCSD
San Diego Union-Tribune, May 8-More than two years after he was forced to resign his job as a UCSD writing professor and his honorary position as California poet laureate, Quincy Troupe has moved on. More



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