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September 1, 2005

UCSD Devises Some Academic Assistance
To Students Affected By Hurricane Katrina

By Pat JaCoby

In response to the devastation occurring in Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi, the University of California, San Diego has devised academic accommodations for those affected students who are UCSD related or reside in the San Diego region and need alternatives for proceeding with their education. These include:

  • For students who did not accept their admission to UCSD and who cannot attend a college as a result of the hurricane, UCSD will provide late enrollment into the regular undergraduate program.
  • For both undergraduate and graduate San Diego area students who were not admitted to UCSD and who cannot attend a college which has been closed because of the effects of the hurricane, UCSD will try to accommodate their educational needs through concurrent enrollment with University Extension.
  • For enrolled UCSD students who may be directly affected by the hurricane to the extent that they cannot continue their enrollment, UCSD will grant leaves of absences or delayed admissions for up to one year.
  • UCSD School of Medicine will offer to provide rotations for senior medical students affected by Hurricane Katrina, and the School of Medicine is checking to see what placements might be available for residents and fellows.

In a message to academics and staff at UCSD, Chancellor Marye Anne Fox noted that currently all available on-campus housing is occupied, but that the University is working to identify possible support services, including federal assistance programs to address needs for housing and/or financial aid to students seeking accommodations.

Media contact: Pat JaCoby, (858) 534-7404

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