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UC Staff to Have Voice on Board of Regents

By Dolores Davies I April 25, 2005

UCSD Staff Association members and their counterparts at other UC campuses are looking forward to July 1, when, for the first time, two UC staff members will join the Board of Regents. UCLA's David Miller, chair of the Council of UC Staff Assemblies (CUCSA), and UCSF's David Bell, former CUCSA chair, will each serve a one-year term on the Regent's educational policy and grounds and buildings committees.

"We are thrilled," said Jacque Fowler, chair of the UCSD Staff Association and senior delegate to CUCSA. "This is a significant step forward for staff to have a voice. We have a student regent and a non-voting faculty regent so why not a staff regent? Although this does not mean we have a permanent staff regent, it allows staff to have input and contribute information."

According to Fowler, the proposal to add staff delegates to the Board of Regents was the result of substantial diligence and commitment on the part of CUCSA. As a result of their efforts advocating for a staff voice on the UC board, the Regents voted last January to include a staff member from the UC campuses on each of two regental committees for the next two years.

As the senior delegate from UCSD to the CUCSA, Fowler is responsible for bringing concerns of the UCSD staff to the CUCSA for discussion. Through that mechanism, she said, UCSD staff concerns will be funneled to the staff delegates. While the two-year pilot program will provide a more direct vehicle for communicating staff concerns and issues to the Regents, the CUCSA has quarterly meetings in which Regents are often invited speakers. The CUCSA has used this opportunity in the past to broach subjects as well as to inform the Regents about various staff issues and perspectives.

While the first two staff delegates are seasoned staff advocates from UCSF and UCLA, Fowler is optimistic about UCSD also having a staff delegate at some point.

"UC President Dynes and the Regents are examining various processes for selecting future staff members who will serve in the second year of the pilot program," said Fowler. "There is certainly an opportunity for a staff member from UCSD to be the staff delegate. This decision represents a major milestone towards direct communication between UC employees and the Board of Regents. I hope our staff will remain diligent and be willing to serve to have an impact on decisions that affect the UC system."

For more information on the appointment of staff delegates to the Regents' committees and CUCSA, please go to the CUCSA web site at:




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