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Staff Members Invited to Meet with Advisers to Board of Regents

By Ioana Patringenaru I January 17, 2006

What: UC staff advisers to the Board of Regents meet with UCSD employees

When: 9 to 10:30 a.m. Friday

Where: Faculty Club Please RSVP at

For more info about the staff advisers, click here.

If you're a staff member and want to talk to someone who has the ear of UC Regents, here's your chance.

The two staff advisers to the UC Board of Regents will meet with employees from 9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. Friday morning at the Faculty Club, at the end of a visit to the UCSD campus. The adviser positions were created last year as part of a pilot program. They were filled for the first time this academic year. David Miller and David Bell sit on two committees but don't have the power to vote.

Miller is manager of client and communication technology services at UCLA. Bell is a professional in the work-life resource center at the University of California, San Francisco. Both have chaired the Council of UC Staff Assemblies Executive Board.

They said they'd like to hear from staff members about a broad range of issues. "We'd like it to be an open dialog," Miller said.

David Bell

UCSD Staff Association Chair Ken Tomory organized Friday morning's meeting. He said he hopes Bell and Miller will explain their role and why it is important. "We were the only ones that didn't have our voices at the table," Tomory said, pointing out that a student and a faculty member already sit on the Board of Regents. The idea, Bell said, was to open another door for employees and executives to talk, beyond discussions about salaries and benefits.

Miller said the two advisers have been able to provide a clearer picture of staff members' views without giving the impression that they have an agenda.

"We consider ourselves a part of the team to ensure the success and excellence of the university," Miller said. "That is our only agenda."

David Miller

Their role, he said, was to pave the way for their successors by building solid relationships with members of their committees, the Office of the President and the Regents. The advisers look at issues not just from a staff perspective, but through all other lenses as well, Bell said. He added he believes board members have grown more comfortable talking to them. Mostly, they want to know why staff members care about certain issues, he said.

"It's easy for us to explain," Bell added. "A lot of it has to do with pride, pride in our jobs, pride in the university."

Bell put together a list of issues that staff members mentioned during meetings at other UC campuses. They include recognition and rewards, training and leadership opportunities, an educational fee waiver for employees' dependents, housing and retirement.

Bell's term expires at the end of this academic year. The deadline for applicants interested in replacing him is Feb. 15. "It's very important for us to have a really strong pool of applicants," said Miller, who will stay on another year. "We want the Regents and UCOP to know that the staff are genuinely interested in bringing a voice to the board."

If interested in meeting Bell and Miller Friday morning, RSVP to Ken Tomory at

UCSD University Communications

9500 Gilman Drive MC0938
La Jolla, CA 92093-0938