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  • Q&A with Anna Gandolfi

    Even though she's a staff member, Anna Gandolfi looks forward to commencement every year. And she starts thinking about it way before June. That's because she helps to plan the numerous graduation ceremonies. In addition to her duties as the business officer at John Muir College, she took on the additional…

  • UC San Diego Charts Significant Progress in Diversity Efforts During Its 50th Anniversary Year

    From artwork to outreach, the University of California, San Diego continues to institute programs and policies aimed at enhancing campus climate and welcoming a diverse community.

  • UC San Diego Volunteers Donate 62,000 Hours of Service Worth $1.5 Million

  • Q&A with Caitlyn Cibulsky

    From "Glee" to "The Sing-Off," television shows are bringing a cappella singing into the mainstream. And a new a cappella group at UC San Diego—Acamazing—is gaining popularity right here in La Jolla. Composed of 19 students, the group has a number of songs under their belts, which they've performed…

  • Q&A with Sandra Brown

    As the new Vice Chancellor for Research, Sandra Brown oversees an office responsible for many of the university's key functions, including Organized Research Units, contracts & grants, technology transfer, animal care and welfare, research ethics and postdoctoral scholars, among others. A professor and…

  • Spotlight on Faculty Research: Center for Human Development

    Farrell Ackerman is a professor in the Department of Linguistics. Recently, he has been working on the description and theoretical analysis of an underdocumented Kordofanian language, Moro, spoken in Sudan.

  • Q&A with Jacob Bailey

    After growing up in a predominantly Latino community in Los Angeles, Jacob Bailey had an eye-opening experience when he transferred from a Southern California community college to the University of Utah as an undergraduate. He realized he was one of only seven Latinos in his class at the College of Science,…

  • Q&A with Steffanie Strathdee

    After losing a college professor to AIDS, and later close friends to the disease, Steffanie Strathdee has dedicated herself to HIV-prevention and research. Now the Associate Dean of Global Health Sciences and Director of the Global Health Initiative at UC San Diego, she is focused on enhancing collaboration…

  • Spotlight on Faculty Research: Sustainability

    Richard Carson is a professor of economics. He specializes in environmental and natural resource economics. He has worked on issues related to air pollution, energy, growth management, natural disasters, non-market valuation and water. He also works in the areas of econometrics and consumer marketing.

  • Q&A with Jessica Baltmanas

    Jessica Baltmanas is connecting to her roots — the garden variety that is. You can often find her exercising her green thumb in UC San Diego's community gardens. As an environmental policy major, she believes in the power of farming to provide cost-efficient, sustainable food and to reduce dependence…