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  • New wearable sensor tracks Vitamin C levels in sweat

    A team at the University of California San Diego has developed a wearable, non invasive Vitamin C sensor that could provide a new, highly personalized option for users to track their daily nutritional intake and dietary adherence. The study was published in the May 18, 2020 issue of ACS Sensors.

  • Stacks in the Corner: One-of-a-Kind Clinic Provides Hope for Treatment of Hoarding Disorder

    Climbing the steep gravel path to Ri Parrish’s house, a serene, empty silence hovers above the stark vistas surrounding the property, dotted and perfumed by occasional pine trees.

  • UC San Diego Engineers and Doctors Team Up to Retrofit and Build Ventilators with 3D-Printing

    Even as university campuses close across the nation in an effort to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus, a team of engineers and physicians at the University of California San Diego is rapidly developing simple, ready-to-use ventilators to be deployed if the need arises.

  • Data for Life

    As concern grows over the ubiquity of digital tools for patient care and treatment management, it can often seem like the challenges of protecting patient privacy outweigh the benefits. But some researchers at UC San Diego are using technological advances to develop new ways to help patients retain not…

  • For Geoffrey Chang, New Project Studying Tiny Proteins Has Big Personal Impact

    As a structural biologist, Geoffrey Chang has spent most of his career focused on very small objects. As a professor at the Skaggs School of Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Sciences, his research has included studying transporter structures.

  • Colors of the Brain

    By the time Christian Cazares was applying to grad school, he had participated in at least three diversity initiatives aimed at supporting underrepresented students in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math).