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  • Engineers Use Graph Networks to Accurately Predict Properties of Molecules and Crystals

    Nanoengineers at UC San Diego have developed new deep learning models that can accurately predict the properties of molecules and crystals. They can enable researchers to rapidly scan the nearly-infinite universe of compounds to discover potentially transformative materials for various applications.

  • Researchers Discover What Makes Deep-Sea Dragonfish Teeth Transparent

    Researchers discovered what makes the teeth of deep-sea dragonfish transparent. This adaptation, which camouflages dragonfish from prey, results from the teeth having an unusually crystalline nanostructure mixed with amorphous regions. The findings could provide bioinspiration for transparent cerami

  • Data Science Helps Engineers Discover New Materials for Solar Cells and LEDs

    UC San Diego engineers have developed a high-throughput computational method to design new materials for next generation solar cells and LEDs. Their approach generated 13 new material candidates for solar cells and 23 new candidates for LEDs.

  • How Plant Viruses Can Be Used to Ward Off Pests and Keep Plants Healthy

    Imagine a technology that could target pesticides to treat specific spots deep within the soil, making them more effective at controlling infestations while limiting their toxicity to the environment. Researchers at UC San Diego and Case Western Reserve University have taken a step toward that goal.

  • Wearable Cooling and Heating Patch Could Serve as Personal Thermostat and Save Energy

    UC San Diego engineers have developed a wearable patch that could provide personalized cooling and heating at home, work, or on the go. The soft, stretchy patch cools or warms a user’s skin to a comfortable temperature and keeps it there as the ambient temperature changes.

  • Robots to the Rhino Rescue

    The critically endangered northern white rhino might have more of a chance thanks to a partnership between the University of California San Diego and San Diego Zoo Global.

  • Researchers Improve Method to Recycle and Renew Used Cathodes from Lithium-Ion Batteries

    UC San Diego researchers have improved their recycling process that regenerates degraded cathodes from spent lithium-ion batteries. The new process is safer and uses less energy than their previous method in restoring cathodes to their original capacity and cycle performance.

  • Engineers Developing Education Kit to Teach Students Practical Skills in Integrated Photonics

    Engineers are developing an educational toolkit to bring integrated photonics into the college engineering and science curriculum. The kit is designed to teach students practical skills in integrated photonics and equip them to meet the growing demand for technicians and engineers in the industry.

  • How Breast Tissue Stiffening Promotes Breast Cancer Development

    By examining how mammary cells respond in a stiffness-changing hydrogel, researchers discovered that several pathways work together to signal breast cells to turn cancerous. The work could inspire new approaches to treating patients and inhibiting tumor growth.