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  • Central Pacific Coral Reef Shows Remarkable Recovery Despite Two Warm-Water Events

    A new 10-year study from Palmyra Atoll in the remote central Pacific Ocean shows that reefs outside the reach of local human impacts can recover from bleaching.

  • Plumes of Hot Material near Earth’s Core Grease Way for Moving Slabs of Earth

    Scripps' Daniel Blatter and three co-authors report in the April 20 issue of Nature that streams of heated rocks called mantle plumes probably play a role in creating a slippery base for tectonic plates.

  • Advanced Imaging Reveals New Cellular and Molecular Details of Coral-Algae Relationship

    Researchers at UC San Diego’s Scripps Institution of Oceanography have discovered a novel molecular process that corals use to control the subcellular environment of the algae that live inside them.

  • Atmospheric River Storm Observations over Pacific Ocean to Expand This Winter

    “Hurricane Hunter” aircraft are mobilizing for an expanded 13-week period that began Jan. 5 to glean critical data for improving forecasts of atmospheric river storms over the Pacific Ocean. Such storms provide up to half of the U.S. West Coast’s annual precipitation and a majority of the flooding.