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  • QI Launches Research Internship Program for Undergraduates

    The Qualcomm Institute (QI) Learning Academy opened with the dream of giving undergraduate students at UC San Diego a unique and innovative research opportunity. Now, nearly a year later, the program has graduated its second cohort and is looking to the future.

  • BluBLE: Estimating Your COVID-19 Risk with Accurate Contact Tracing

    Motivated by the prospect of creating protective, social-distancing “bubbles” around members of the public, researchers in the UC San Diego Wireless Communications Sensing and Networking Laboratory are developing BluBLE, a new app for contact tracing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Technology at UC San Diego Helps Scientists Unlock Mysteries of the Earliest Americans

    With help from technology developed by UC San Diego researchers at the Qualcomm Institute, a team of underwater cave explorers in Mexico have made unprecedented archaeological discoveries in some of the most inaccessible places on Earth about the earliest inhabitants of the Western Hemisphere.

  • Diving for the Bones of the Ice Age

    For thousands of years, the massive pelvis lay undisturbed at the bottom of the watery black pit. Approximately four feet across and weighing an estimated 80 pounds, it had once belonged to a giant ground sloth, an elephant-sized animal that roamed the ancient Americas alongside the saber-tooth cat and…

  • Lim(b)itless in India: UC San Diego Students Travel Abroad to Empower Amputees

    In November, 2019, ten UC San Diego students filed into a bustling amputee clinic in Jaipur, India. On one side of the room, men and women, some bearing crutches, watched as their new limbs took shape under the staff’s careful hands. For many of them, a prosthetic limb represented the chance to regain…

  • Living Life on the Nanoscale

    Under the invisible beam of the scanning electron microscope, the bottom of a gecko’s foot resolved into a field of tiny hairs. As both sample and microscope sat miles away in the Nano3 laboratory of UC San Diego’s Qualcomm Institute, a high school biology class at the Kearny School of College Connections…

  • UC San Diego Researcher and Explorer Aims to Empower Amputees with 3D Printed Prosthetic Limbs

    Lim[b]itless: The Qualcomm Institute's Albert Lin has launched a new project to help the world's 40 mission amputees who live without access to a prosthesis.

  • UC San Diego Researchers Connect Premature Births to Possible Causes in Central California

    A UC San Diego-led research team has created an interactive map of preterm births and potential environmental and social drivers across Fresno County in central California. A similar map will be unveiled for the San Francisco and Oakland areas October 21.

  • New Exhibit at the Qualcomm Institute’s gallery@calit2 Explores Boundaries Between Objects and Being

    A new art exhibition at the Qualcomm Institute’s gallery@calit2 by visual artist Terike Haapoja explores the shadowy middle ground between objects and beings, or personhood and “thingness.”