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  • Women of Change

    Sisters Julie and Maria Lopez are two of several new faces at the Tuesday Farmers’ Market at UC San Diego. Their family-run booth, Pupusas Express, sells freshly made pupusas, a traditional Salvadorean dish of a stuffed corn tortilla filled with cheese, pork, chicken or beans.

  • Partnership with Rocket Engine Startup Brings New 3D Metal Printer to UC San Diego

    Research at UC San Diego is about to take off, thanks to a partnership with a local startup that specializes in 3D-printed rocket engines. Now, aspiring inventors and innovators at the university can make their creations real with the startup’s powerful, 3D metal printer.

  • Space Travel, Resistance and Revolution Converge in New Art Exhibition at the Qualcomm Institute

    On January 17th, the Qualcomm Institute at UC San Diego makes first contact with a new art exhibition rich with themes of space travel, resistance and revolution.

  • UC San Diego Campaign Raises Awareness about “Drugged” Driving

    Drugged driving has joined drunk driving and distracted driving as a leading cause of motor vehicle collisions. As roadway safety remains a pressing public health concern in California, researchers at University of California San Diego School of Medicine and the Qualcomm Institute have received funding…