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2020 Integrity Champions

We are pleased to announce the UC San Diego 2020 Integrity Champions, organized by the Research Ethics Program and the Academic Integrity Office in collaboration with the Executive Vice Chancellor's Office.

Each year in the spring quarter, the university recognizes campus community members who have made substantial contributions to academic, research and professional integrity over the previous 12-month period. Although we cannot honor them at an Award Ceremony this year, we look forward to doing so at our 2021 Ceremony.

Cheryl Harrelson

Cheryl Harrelson
Associate Vice Chancellor, Annual Giving and Pipeline Development

AVC Harrelson’s impact has been large and widespread. She has influenced the overall integrity of her unit, which is comprised of approximately 80 staff members, but she has also affected the overall integrity of UC San Diego’s alumni, career services, and annual giving programs. That impact is seen by hundreds of thousands of people across the United States and around the world. By raising the bar in engagement and philanthropy, AVC Harrelson is having an impact on the integrity of UC San Diego with all institutions of higher education as well. Access the video.

Isabel Rivera-Collazo

Isabel Rivera-Collazo
Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology and Scripps Institution of Oceanography

While ethics and professional integrity are part of research and education, Rivera-Collazo's work towards incorporating experiential actions—where integrity is put to test in real life—goes beyond what is expected from our faculty members. Isabel goes out of her way to create learning opportunities for the students. By empowering students to create ethical guidelines in class and in the research lab, she creates the environment to inspire students to be aware of their actions and to consider their own integrity as professionals. Her actions also set an example among the communities she engaged is with, and among other scientists working on climate change and disaster related settings. Access the video.

And congratulations to Eunice Kim who won first place in the recent UC San Diego Excel with Integrity Contest. You can check out all the winners.