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Chancellor Khosla Powers Up Incoming Tritons

Photos by Erik Jepsen/UC San Diego Publications

Throngs of students crowded Chancellor Pradeep K. Khosla on Ridge Walk Monday to exchange a smile, pose for a photo and receive a chocolate chip cookie as a personal gesture of hospitality during Welcome Week. As he handed out the cookies, Khosla lightheartedly reminded students to “Try to eat lunch before you eat that!”

The chancellor had just helped kick off Triton Power Hour at RIMAC Arena, where he promised to remain committed to putting student priorities first and ensuring access to all. “UC San Diego is a student-centered university—we make decisions based on what is best for our students and we’re continually working to improve the student experience.”

Emerging from the annual pep rally, students were greeted by Khosla and Interim Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Alan Houston as they proceeded to the Student Services Fair. Audelia Arasheben, a freshman at Eleanor Roosevelt College, was pleasantly surprised by the warm welcome. “I didn’t expect everyone to be so friendly!” she said. “I know it’s important to connect with others and network with people during the first week, and it’s been great so far.”

In addition to Chancellor Khosla’s reinforcement of their importance to the university’s vision, new students were further acknowledged for their role at athletic events as confidence boosters. Hosted by UC San Diego Athletics, Triton Power Hour attracted hundreds of students and introduced them to what it means to be a proud Triton. Students cheered as the pep band revved up the crowd, blue and gold lights flashed and King Triton descended like a rock star from the rafters.

Throughout the event, students were treated to prize giveaways and participated in spirit competitions, including face painting. In a battle for the ultimate prize of an Apple iPad, four students were chosen to compose and perform a rap about being a proud Triton. To boost the excitement of the crowd, performances were held by UC San Diego’s Cheerleading Squad, Dance Team, as well as the Pep Band.

Houston took the opportunity to applaud the extraordinary abilities of student-athletes to excel both as a student and in sports, affirming that they “add a richness and depth to the campus.” Student-athletes later shared their experiences of being part of an award-winning and top-ranked athletic program, as well encouraged all those present to show support at athletic matches.

Other events during Welcome Week included Convocation, an annual campus-wide tradition to officially welcome new students to UC San Diego and join family, friends and faculty for a special dinner. Social activities included the All Campus Dance on Sept. 22, where students joined together for a fun night of music and meeting new people, as well as the UnOlympics on Sept. 25, an opportunity for students from each of the six colleges to go head to head in a set of non-traditional games in an effort to win the coveted Golden Shoe trophy.