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Tech hub at UC San Diego the Hive

Photo by Erik Jepsen/UC San Diego Publications

IT Services Opens Tech Hub at the Hive

As part of the revamped IT Services offices, the department recently opened Tech Hub @ the Hive on the second floor of Torrey Pines Center South. The open space is reminiscent of an Apple Genius Bar, with open space and a walk-up counter for faculty, staff and students to get on-the-spot IT support.

IT Service technicians are available to answer questions, fix laptop issues and more. The Hub loans out computer cords and other accessories for those staff members who need them. The IT staff can even provide loaner laptops in the event that IT needs to keep a computer for repair.

“The Tech Hub @ the Hive allows IT Services to support the campus community in a very customer-centric way,” said Brett Pollak, director of Workplace Technology Services. “Our goal is to support the campus mission of creating a living, learning laboratory. The Tech Hub is a first step towards that. We will also offer scheduled training sessions on ITS supported technologies including Zoom, Microsoft 365, G-Suite and other productivity services,” said Brett Pollak, director of Workplace Technology Services.”

Currently there are tables and chairs for UC San Diego staff to relax, meet with colleagues or work on their laptops. IT Services is looking to expand the Hub’s services even further, even bringing in vended food options to further establish a welcoming environment where people can come to collaborate.

The Hub offers walk-up services, but students, faculty and staff can also sign up in an online queue so that they determine the best time to visit. Visit the Tech Hub @ the Hive page for more information.