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Preuss School’s Tiffany Majors Honored as California Educator of the Year

Tiffany Majors

Tiffany Majors

Tiffany Majors, an English teacher at The Preuss School UC San Diego, has been named the statewide High School Educator of the Year by the California League of Schools. The Preuss School is a middle and high school located on the University of California San Diego campus for low-income students who strive to become the first in their families to graduate from college.

Majors teaches ninth and 10th grade Honors English, and 11th grade University Prep Advisory, a course designed to prepare Preuss students to succeed in applying and attending college. She is also a team leader of the school’s professional development program for faculty.

Major’s nomination, compiled by her colleagues at Preuss, described her as innovative, dedicated, passionate and compassionate. According to her fellow teachers, “her belief in her students’ potential is evident in how she teaches them, and more importantly, in what they produce and are able to achieve. Students respect, admire and love her as their teacher.”

“We are very proud of Tiffany’s accomplishments,” said Scott Barton, principal of The Preuss School. “She is an outstanding example of the remarkable educators at Preuss who are dedicated to ensuring the success of our students, both here at Preuss and long into the future.”

Majors has taught English since 2003, and has served as a teacher at The Preuss School since 2006. Majors earned her B.A. from San Diego State University, before going on to earn her Masters of Arts in Education from Stanford University in 2004.

“I feel tremendously honored and humbled to be recognized in this capacity, and I am thankful to be able to shine a light on the teaching profession,” said Majors. “Teaching has been my dream since I was in fourth grade. It is so gratifying to be able to do what I love, and even more incredible to be acknowledged by other excellent educators for doing so.”

The California League of Schools is a professional development organization run by teachers and administrators around the State of California. Last year, Preuss School math teacher David Weber was honored as the California League of Schools Region 9 “High School Educator of the Year.”

The Preuss School is ranked by U.S. News and World Report as the top high school in San Diego, and the #6 school in the State of California based on performance on state assessments, graduation rates and college preparation. For more information go to The Preuss School website.