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Three Physical Sciences Faculty Win National Awards

Dimitri Basov

Dimitri Basov, professor of physics and chair of UC San Diego’s physics department, has been awarded the 2012 Frank Isakson Prize for Optical Effects in Solids by the American Physical Society for “innovative and insightful use of infrared spectroscopy to probe correlated electron systems.” The $5,000 prize will be presented at the society’s March meeting in Boston. Basov studies the electronic and magnetic properties of novel materials. Learn more about his work.

Clifford Kubiak

Clifford Kubiak, professor of chemistry and biochemistry, has won the American Chemical Society’s Award in Inorganic Chemistry for outstanding research in the preparation, properties, reactions or structure of inorganic substances with special consideration given to independence of thought and originality. The $5,000 prize, which will be awarded at the society’s meeting in San Diego in March, recognizes Kubiak’s “seminal contributions that have enhanced our understanding of mixed valence systems, the fixation of carbon dioxide, and nanoscience.” His research focuses on using light to split carbon dioxide and developing catalysts to speed that reaction, among other chemical endeavors.

Arnold Rheingold

Arnold Rheingold, professor of chemistry and biochemistry has won the American Chemical Society’s Award for Distinguished Service in the Advancement of Inorganic Chemistry. He was selected from nominees who have demonstrated extensive contributions to the advancement of inorganic chemistry. The $5,000 prize, which will be awarded at the society’s meeting in San Diego in March, recognizes Rheingold’s “conspicuous and prolific efforts in advancing preparative inorganic chemistry via collaborative X-ray diffraction structural analyses.” Rheingold’s research explores ways of using X-ray crystallography to provide very rapid and accurate structural characterizations of new compounds.


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