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Prominent Circadian Biologists Gather for Influential Annual Symposium

150 International, National Scientists Explore ‘From Cells to Clinic’ at UC San Diego

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Some of the most prominent scientists conducting very “timely” research are coming to campus.

The Center for Circadian Biology (CCB) at UC San Diego will host its 7th Annual Circadian Biology Symposium 24-26 February at the Sanford Consortium Auditorium, featuring, among other notables, biologist Till Ronnenberg, a leading circadian scientist and author of “Internal Time: Chronotypes, Social Jet Lag, and Why You’re So Tired.”

The theme for the symposium is “From Cells to Clinic,” reflecting the CCB’s mission to advance leading-edge research in circadian biology that has dramatic and lasting benefits for human health, the environment, and the economy.

“The 2016 ‘From Cells to Clinic’ symposium will provide an unparalleled view of the current groundbreaking discoveries about biological timing in plants, animals, and humans,” said Vice Chancellor for Research Sandra A. Brown.

A “select and stellar” group of campus, national, and international chronobiologists will speak at the influential yearly symposium.

According to Susan Golden, Distinguished Professor of Biology and director of the CCB, the aims of the conference are to provide participants with a comprehensive view of modern circadian biology; exchange a broad spectrum of ideas and techniques in circadian biology; promote interactions among the faculty and lab personnel of the CCB, the invited speakers, and other participants; and further acquaint the speakers, their groups, and other registrants with the depth and breadth of circadian biology research conducted at UC San Diego.

“Our aim is to establish UC San Diego and the Torrey Pines Mesa as the premier international center of academic excellence in circadian research,” Golden said.

Scheduled sessions demonstrate the breadth and depth of the issues attendees will discuss: cells and circuits; pacemakers and networks; emerging technologies; inputs and outputs; and from lab to clinic.

UC San Diego students enrolled in a course entitled “The BioClock Studio,” supported by a grant from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute to Golden, will participate in the symposium in roles that facilitate communication of scientific activities and findings to the public.

In parallel with the opening scientific session on Feb. 24, the CCB will host a workshop for interested members of the public entitled “Sleep, Health, and Work Schedules.” Registered participants include firefighters, police, and nurses, whose work schedules often run counter to the internal biological clock.

Find complete symposium information and registration instructions here.

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