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Two UC San Diego Computer Scientists Named as 2021 ACM Fellows

The ACM has selected 71 Fellows for Computing Advances that are Driving Innovation

Two computer scientists from the University of California San Diego have been elected as fellows of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), the association announced today. They are among the 71 new fellows recognized by the ACM, the world’s largest educational and scientific computing society.

The ACM Fellows program recognizes the top 1% of ACM Members for their outstanding accomplishments in computing and information technology and/or outstanding service to ACM and the larger computing community. The 2021 Fellows represent universities, corporations, and research centers in Belgium, China, France, Germany, India, Israel, Italy, and the United States.

The 2021 UC San Diego ACM Fellows are:

  • Ranjit Jhala, for contributions to software verification
  • Tajana Šimunić Rosing, for contributions to power, thermal, and reliability management

“Ranjit and Tajana truly represent our department’s commitment to conducting impactful research and education. We are incredibly proud of their accomplishments, which benefit our community and the world, and are pleased they are being recognized with such a great honor,” said UC San Diego Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) Chair Sorin Lerner. 


UC San Diego Computer Science and Engineering Professor Ranjit Jhala

Ranjit Jhala’s research interests include programming languages and software engineering to develop techniques for building reliable computer systems. His work draws from, combines and contributes to the areas of: Type Systems, Model Checking, Program Analysis and Automated Deduction. He is part of the Programming Systems Group in CSE, which focuses on developing new languages, compilers, program analysis techniques and development environments for making software systems easier to build, maintain and understand. He joined CSE in 2005.


Tajana Šimunić Rosing is the director of the System Energy Efficiency Lab at UC San Diego.


UC San Diego Computer Science and Engineering Professor Tajana Šimunić Rosing

Her research interests are in energy efficient computing, cyber-physical and distributed systems. The projects she leads include efforts funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and the Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC) that focus on design of accelerators for analysis of big data; an SRC and NSF-funded projects related to  Hyperdimensional Computing; and a National Science Foundation- funded project on the optimization of COVID-19 sequence analysis.  She joined CSE in 2005. 

The addition of Jhala and Rosing brings to 14 the number of ACM Fellows among active faculty in the CSE department. Prior honorees included professors Victor Vianu (2006), Pavel Pevzner (2010), Stefan Savage (2010), Dean Tullsen (2011), Andrew Kahng (2012), Yuanyuan Zhou (2013), Mihir Bellare (2013), Rajesh Gupta (2016), Ravi Ramamoorthi, Alexander Vardy and Geoffrey Voelker (2017) and Alex Snoeren (2018).

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